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Title: WRATH
Author: Spencer Isaac
Subtitle: The First
Short Summary: Some people punch walls when they get angry. Others scream into their pillows. Some even cry it out. For thirteen-year-old Dove Miller, every time she gets mad, she locks every door, every window, just so everyone around her could stay safe. She has no other choice. The evil inside of her was just waiting to come out. It constantly screamed at her, begging her to go out and hurt others, to let out the pent up rage she’s been keeping in for so long. She didn’t know what was making her do this, nor did she know how she had so much anger inside of her.

But she was determined to find out.
Ideas: red, black, and white theme, with a young girl on the cover. doesn’t matter what she looks like or what ethnicity she is, you can surprise me.
Pictures (optional): (just the symbol, not the backgrounds or the words)


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


Here is your cover! Let me know if you’d like any changes


Yesssss! I love this! Thank you.


So glad you like it!


Do you want the cover to be horror themed?


yes and no! like, kind of horror-ish but not too much! plus, i finished with the payment!


Here is your cover! Hope you like it! If you’d like any changes let me know


i love it! can you make it slightly darker, though?


Which part?


i meant just in general, it’s a little bit too… faded


I’ll see what I can do, the picture was like that but I can try something else


okay! if you can’t fix it, that’s completely okay!


How’s this?


omg! i love it!










Title: If I Fall
Author: Genevieve Hope
Subtitle: No subtitle
Short Summary: Cain was a top-ranking Marine, while Briar was at the top of her class in university. Cain’s life changed as fast as the bomb that nearly took his life… if it hadn’t been for Briar. He is determined to find the woman who saved him, but he might just find something else along the way.
Ideas: I was thinking of having a very romantic cover. There are specific celebs (Phoebe Tonkin and Ian Somberhalder), so the only requirement is that we can’t see the specific identity of the people on the cover unless you use the specific celebs. They just both need to have dark hair. I’m looking for a light, romantic cover.

Pictures (optional): See above.