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Here is your cover!


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here is your cover!


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Title: Kappa Kappa Assassin
Author: fockeyprincess
Subtitle (doesn’t have to be included, but if you think it looks better/works better with it then go ahead and put it in. I’m not particularly inclined either way): More than just a pretty face
Short Summary: A sorority on campus is actually a site for assassins in training, but what will happen when they are assigned to kill one of their own members?
Ideas: Bright colors, probably a picture of a stereotypically looking sorority girl. I would like it to be a happy mood, and not really include much of the darker side of it, other than the word assassin



I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Just a picture of a pretty girl?


yeah, basically. Like a simple teen fiction type cover with more focus on the title text than the picture. Sorry it’s so vague


I’m still not sure what kind of picture you’re looking for, can you give me an example?




By the way, do you make covers for fanfictions? Also, does the story have to be published? I have one published story that I think it needs a new cover. But I am also working on another story and I am struggling with a cover.


I can make covers for fanfiction and stories that aren’t posted, but I would need to see your ideas before I can say that I can definitely make your cover c:


I’m thinking this picture (or something along these lines) and then a bold red font.


Alright accepted, please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


Here is your cover! I hope you like it!


Hi! I’ve been looking around to see if someone had a thread that would interest me for a cover. I have not posted my story and all I want is something very simple. I wanted to know generally how much time does it take for a cover to be made?

P.S. Love your work :hugs:


Hi! Requesting now:

Title: Antosha&Kitty
Author: Maya Scott
Subtitle: #LoveAntosha
Short Summary: this story was written in the loving memory of Anton V. Yelchin (RIP ANGEL!). Basically, it’s a story that was inspired by what Kristen Stewart said about him in the documentary “Love, Antosha”. She said that they’ve dated and that he has broken his heart. This is their story, set in 2004, when they have filmed the movie “Fierce People” together.
Ideas: Something simple, but at the same time to look like most teen fiction, with a simple curly (maybe thicker) font for the title? Inspo for font:
Pictures (optional): I have a whole Pinterest board and I am going to link it here. I’ve tried to collect appropriate photos:

Btw, the story is published.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks I love it! You rock! Sorry I was so difficult, I really appreciate you sticking it out with me