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gotcha, doing so now!


Title: A Pokemon Christmas

Author: redmx_13


Short Summary: she gets a pokemon for Christmas which turns out to be the best present he can ever give her…

Ideas: charmander with a christmas hat, something easy with the pokemon letters (it just says pokemon)

Pictures (optional):


Here is your cover, let me know if you want any minor changes


do you want that image?


All I’d like to request is that my username be smaller, but otherwise it’s beautiful! If you don’t mind changing the text size, that’d be great, but if you would prefer not to that’s alright as well!


Yeah sure! Here it is!


Thank you so much!


*Changed title to “A Badlands Fairytale”

And as for ideas, just a gunslinger standing in a sort of creepy cornfield as the sun sets would be cool. Basically what I already have but less crappy haha!



accepted please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


Will do!


Here is your cover, let me know if you’d like any minor changes




Hi :slight_smile:

I love your covers!

Would you be into doing a series?

The covers won’t be for separate books but for a poetry series of three poems and each chapter (poem) will have it’s own cover on the “banner” section of the chapter. I will also dedicate the poems to you for credit.

The collection will be up as soon as I have the covers. Right now, they are just in the draft stages but ready to publish.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll fill out the form :blush:


Title: All Roads To Hell
Author: Kit Russell
Subtitle: Lux
Short Summary: Jonah was working to control the supernaturals in his care but when he’s murdered and the supernaturals are locked inside, to dangerous to release and hopefully they would kill each other after a while. Now Bell, Ami and Azrael are up against everything from demons to childlike werewolves and puppet people. Can they escape whilst the time begins to run out?
Ideas: Something horror related but not overly cliche, nothing with clearly visible famous faces but non visible faces or close ups are fine. I’m really unsure what I want but I know what I don’t :joy:
Pictures (optional):


I would have to see your ideas before I can officially accept, but I could do a series


I’ll need something more to go off of, like what kind of horror you’d like me to show on the cover


Great :slight_smile: Here’s the form so you can get some idea.

Title: Harvest Moon

Author: E. L. Foxwood

Subtitle: Cranberry I

Short Summary: A young couple getting to know each other, slowly easing into romance.

Ideas: A couple walking (or standing) in an autumn forest side by side NOT holding hands. Sub title and author in cranberry color, title in white.

Title: Milky Way

Author: E. L. Foxwood

Subtitle: Cranberry II

Short Summary: The young couple are in love and now it is winter.

Ideas: A couple holding hands in front of a winter-autumn forest. Sub title and author in cranberry color, title in white.


Title: Apple

Author: E. L. Foxwood

Subtitle: Cranberry III

Short Summary: Their love has deepened for each other. It is fall again. A surprise kiss makes one flush at the end.

Ideas: A couple holding both of each other’s hands in front of a beautiful autumn pathway. Sub title and author in cranberry color, title in white.


As for the pictures, I put them all in one place. The first is the font color, and then two by two, a picture of people and then a background that goes with that picture.

All covers must not have faces on them or obvious body curves because these poems are not just about a boyxgirl couple. So, basically, a focus on the hands (if they can be partially hidden in sweater sleeves that would be awesome) and pretty nails are fine.

If you have trouble viewing the album let me know. Thanks for considering :blush:

the album


It wouldn’t let me add me pictures or links, I presume because I’m too new or something, is there another way I can send them?


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I just got ‘Trust Level’ so I think I can send the picture, something kind of obscure like the top one would be great


okay, accepted! please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver