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It’s amazing!! I just have one small request. Can you put the quote at the bottom of the covering after enlarging it a bit? It’s really amazing and thank you.


Here is how it looks with the quote at the bottom


Could you enlarge it a bit more?


Here it is larger


Thanks a lot!!! I’ll be using it right away!!


So glad you like it!




Will do


Payment complete


Here is your cover. I made two options.


Can the red on the bottom of the second cover be a little brighter?


Yeah sure


Cool thanks


Is this better?


Yes thank you very much


Title: Telepathic Love
Author: ThatGirlWhoLovesFood
Subtitle: None
Short Summary: Basically this is a peter parker/spiderman fanfic and this girl has telepathic abilities. The story will go through Avengers: Civil War all the way to Endgame.
Ideas: Dark, main character is blonde, maybe spiderman on the cover. I’m pretty flexible with how it looks
Pictures: I have none
Sorry I only have minimal info. Like I said, I’m not picky and I’ll be happy with anything, also thanks in advance if you choose to do this for me.


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the first chapter of my story The Truth About Us before I deliver your cover


payments done


Here is your cover! Let me know if you want any changes!


That’s perfect! Thank you so much!!