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I’m going to try this out before I accept or deny


Alright done and thanks :grin:


here is your cover, let me know if you want any minor changes


I love it! Could you add the subtitle ‘Lux’ on it, maybe under the title or wherever looks best?


Okay, got it :slight_smile:


I was having a hard time fitting it on, but here’s what I came up with


It’s brilliant thank you so much!


So glad you like it!


accepted c: please complete the payment of a comment on each of the chapters of my story Until the End before I deliver the covers


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll go complete payment now.


I liked it so much I put it in my favorites list :wink: I will definitely continue reading new chapters. It’s like this for me. I find new stories or poems to read when giving payment :stuck_out_tongue:


So glad you like it! Just uploading your covers :slight_smile:


here are your covers! I couldn’t seem to get the font color to show up on the pictures, so I hope a white font is okay! Let me know if you want me to change anything




Title: Lauren Daigle Lyrics
Author: @TockAC
Subtitle: Lyrics
Short summary: Here are some lyrics by Christian singer Lauren Daigle.
Ideas: Can you make the word “lyrics” in white font?


Death with a side of clam chowder
Author: NuclearPotatoes

Set in a dystopian future after humanity has to spread far into the cosmos after the destruction of earth. Series that takes the main character to many different planets: some rooted in science and some altered by circumstance to be more magically based

After the sudden deaths of her family, Isabelle is thrust into a world that is cruel and unjust. Her extended family treated her as little more than a servant and her fathers precious company is in the hands of a very bad man.

All Isabelle wants is to free herself from the clutches of evil and survive.

Little did she know that a world full of mystical madness and suprises at every corner would be what she found. Follow Isabelle as she unravels the truth and gets the one thing she wanted all along. Revenge.


Thank you so much :smile: The white font is totally fine.

Would you be able to make the covers more warm tone? Like, orangey or sunny?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m not able to change the vibrance of the picture, if you find a picture you’d like me to use I can do that though


please use my form


accepted, please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver