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Yeah the other designer can’t do it. so, here I am.


Title: Alpha Theory

Author: Cross Kaiser

Subtitle: The Fall

Short Summary: The story follows Logan and Nennabethe who become stuck with each other as their lives and the world crumble around them. With the two seemingly at the centre of it all.

Ideas: Inspiration from the Major Arcan of Tarot - The Tower. It symbolizes collapse and upheaval.

Very ominous and dark. Catastrophic would describe the perfect cover. Though I doubt such a perfect cover could exist anyway.


Lucial’s moon
Landon Harrold
He thought he was here alone
Zach Martin goes to a moon of a Huge planet but then gets knocked off as he was about get on a Escape Pod but he has to survive
Maybe go with a half space suit half scuba gear under water with bright lights and what looks like a under water city in the distance


I would need more of an idea of what you want? Would it just be a tower in the ocean or?


I’m sorry denied, this is a manipulated cover


A tower in the ocean would be great, i didn’t get too descriptive in case such a picture was too hard ro.find. I’ll tell you though.

Like the card, waves crashing against it, it’s burning, it’s visibly about to falter and there are dark clouds about seemingly converging. The eye is one part I wouldn’t need.

That would be what it’s like it my head.

I like when fonts aren’t just one color by the way, it should have a texture, if that’s the right word.


I want the font you used on this :smiley:


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End


Alright, I’ll tell you when I do.


Title: Lucial’s moon
Author: Landon Harrold
Subtitle: I thought I was alone
Short Summary: Zach Martin, a american kid astronaut goes to the final frontier to the far reaches of space but as they are in the middle of there mission a terrible tsunami makes the squad retreat to the HADES but a wave slept Zach away from the HADES retreat pod, but his team had no choice but to leave him behind. with the team gone, he has no choice but to adapt and survive on Lucial’s moon.
Ideas: Zach Martin, sinking into the water in his space suit
Pictures (optional):


I’m sorry denied, I can only make simple covers, this is a manipulated cover




Your cover is ready when you complete the payment


Alright. I’ll probably get to do it tonight.


I’m done.




Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been able to get onto my laptop until now. Here is your cover!


Hm. Looks like there really is no suitable picture for what I’d like. Thanks, but I guess I’ll have to give this task to a manip cover maker.


This was the closest I could find, I tried to include elements from the picture