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Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Author: jgrace2197
Subtitle: ? (I don’t have a subtitle)
Short Summary: After her adopted younger brother is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, a young woman must journey through a magical land in order to save him.
Ideas: It’s an Epic Fantasy novel, but if you read through it a little, I used a bunch of imagery that might inspire you :smile:


I’ll need a little more information. What do you picture on the cover?


Well, it is a fantasy world: sweeping mountains, strange creatures, etc.

My main character is described as this:
"…Sahara was, at least by her society’s standards, ‘technically’ pretty. Her hair was long, reaching to the middle of her back, and was the crimson color of a dying fire. Her eyes were gray like the dove’s wing, a softness to them that spoke of her kindness and compassion. She was of average height for a woman her age and had a slender frame that had persisted in consequence of a near-starvation earlier in her life. However, what lay stark against her skin was the one flaw no one had ever allowed her to forget, especially those in Dasos.

It was a massive scar, puckered and jagged and colored a dark unhealthy red. Four uneven lines started just below her left eye, cutting over her cheek and arching down her throat before stopping just above the skin of her breast. There was another line that veered off widely to the side below her jaw, following the curve of her shoulder and ending an inch up her hand; this line was more jagged than the other four, almost looping around her elbow at that particular point, several smaller ‘branches’ extending outwards on her skin. Her scar was the both the fascination and revulsion of society here…"

And the first land she travels through looks like this:

“…The land was red, the sand covering the ground the deep ruby color of the setting sun. Flowering trees stood tall and small, grouped in triangles of three next to the path that wound its way across the slopes and curves of the earth. The flowers were orange, a bright color that bordered on dazzling, with golden tips that caught the light of the sky. There were no houses in sight, but there was a large forest of trees in the distance, tall towering and a shimmering jade. Sahara moved away from the door and stepped onto the path; here, the sand was thick from use to the point where it was similar to packed dirt. Mist spilled out onto the ground as the door coughed and smoked behind her. The air was crisp and cool, with a cooler tinge that perhaps signaled a change in the seasons…”

Hope this helps!


I mean physically what do you want on the cover? Mountains? The main character? I make simple covers, meaning I take an image and put text on it (basically). If you’re looking for something more complex you’d need someone who makes manipulated covers, where they take multiple images and put them together. My program doesn’t allow me to do that very well.


Oh, well, mountains are fine. I have a red flower on my current cover, since the Moonflower Princess is associated with flowers.


Okay accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver


The first chapter or the most recent one?


Most recent chapter, so Chapter Nine


payment completed


Here is your cover! Hope you like it!


Ooh, that’s really pretty! :smile:


This is excellent! I love your interpretation. Going to upload this now. Thanks so much for taking the time. Would you like me to credit you for the cover design? I’d be glad to add your handle in the foreword.


Title:Let The Cracks In
Author:Minni Stein
Subtitle:her song remained
Short Summary:a young woman who has banned herself from music, is suddenly asked to be the manager of a new boy band.
Ideas: a girl with brown hair, holding an album with the title on it
Pictures (optional) none sorry
thank you in advance if you accept or deny


So glad you l like it! Yes please credit me c:


I’m going to see what I can find for pictures before I accept or deny


Would this work?


That would be fine


Okay accepted, please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


would you prefer inline comments or just a comment after the chapter?


Doesn’t matter to me, whichever you prefer