Simple covers!!


Hey, guys I just started to make really simple covers and I found out that I really like doing them!
PS I am not a professional, I make covers just because I like it

  1. It must be Simple If I can’t do it then I will deny it!
  2. Must be patient! Obviously making covers take a long time so pls do be patient
  3. Payment- I don’t ask for much just to review my book Silver bullets Only the first two chapters and credit!
  4. I can deny requests if I cannot fulfill them sorry!

Author name:
Story name:
Picture as background (if any):
Fonts (if any):
Any ideas or anything else needed?:

EXAMPLES OF MY WORK- (PS These are just examples none of them are uploaded!)
PS I might post this for my book silver bullets but I want to edit it more! So this is just a simple cover example for now!

Just a cover example

Since I am new I don’t expect many to reply but if you do thank u for giving me a chance!!


Hey! Could you please make a cover for my book Midnight Memories?

Cover title: Midnight Memories
Author: Writemyheartout75
Byline: We remember, even though we are forgotten
stylistic: I would like starry night kind of thing. Dark with maybe like city lights. it would also be great if you could get like 1 or 2 girl silhouettes walking at night.
thank you

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I will try my best! Please do complete the payment after i give you !

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This is what i came up with please do let me know if you liked it and if you want anything changed! Don’t hesitate!


Could you maybe make the writing white?

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Okay! I am a little busy rn will get back to you soon! Until then pls do complete the payment!


Yup, I completed it!

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Hey your cover is completed thank you for choosing this cover shop!
Please do let me know if you need anything changed! Let me know if you liked it!
Also credit @Mellisa2731

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alright thank you

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**Author name: Werewolves9090
**Story name: Frozen Shadows
Byline: She was Fire. He was Ice. Together they Burned.
**Any ideas or anything else needed?: This is a fantasy book so please make it a bit darkish and if u can add something like fire powers or ice or something just make it look aesthetic. thanks

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I will try my best! Please do be patient until i complete it!!


Is this ok? I will add the author’s name once you confirm this is the cover you want!



yes thank you but is it ok if i dont use this cover?


Um then why did you ask…


sorry i got myself another cover sorry for disturbing u i am very sorry


Hi :slight_smile:
Author name: Briredrose
Story name: Her yellow notebook
**Picture as background Maybe a picture of a notebook, however it doesn’t really matter

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Accepted Please do complete the payment while you wait!


Please do tell me if this is okay then i will add the authors name!

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It’s cute, I like it.
Thank you very much

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