Simplistic Cover Shop! Open

Hey there! I really love making covers. It’s a cool, fun hobby of mine. I’m still learning how to do manipulated covers, so please bear with me. I’m better with simple.

Please comment the title, subtitle, genre author’s name, ideas, and colors or mood you would like reflected on the cover. If you feel that the description of your story would help me, please also include that.

For payment, either follow me or comment on a chapter of one of my stories (Ness or First Chances) And of course, the most important payment is that you credit me for the cover! I don’t put watermarks on my covers so it’s important that I’m given credit where credit is due.

Examples; I don’t know why the title is so self-righteous lol

Bump - fakes may be requested too! I just like making covers so :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I might want a new cover once I get tired of my current choices, or if they don’t work out, and I will be sure to ask you if I do, I love your examples!


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Title: The Way We Lie
Genre: Mystery
Author’s name: Maha N.F. Islam
Ideas: Brunette dressed in all black (sort of like a ninja) or a brunette with a crown on her head looking regal
Colors: Black, blue, anything dark-ish themed
Mood: Mysterious/Powerful

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Here you are! If you use it, please give credit! I made two, because I wanted to try both ideas. They’re simplistic :innocent:

I don’t think I can use any of these, my book is sort of fantasy based

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That’s fine! I assumed mystery based on what you first told me; I’m sorry I couldn’t provide what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Title: Don’t Go Alone

Genre: fantasy and adventure

Author: Briredrose

Ideas: maybe a wolf in the distance, or a group of three/four people in a car driving somewhere, it’s a werewolf book,

Mood: Mysterious/Adventurous.

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Here is my attempt! Thanks for checking out Ness ^^

Please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to change! And if you use it, please give credit :wink:

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This is really good, thank you so much

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Glad you like it!

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title: Letters To Audrine
subtitle: l’histoire se répète
genre: romance
author’s name: writerbug44
description: Charles Henlock was on vacation in France with his family when he fell in love with Audrine. When it was time to return to Nevada, he gave her his heart and promised that he’d write to her. Little did he know that every time he sent a letter to Audrine, his parents would intercept it and hide it with all of the other unsent letters to stop them from being together.
Fifty-seven years later, Charles became Grandpa Charlie and that box of letters became a dirty secret of his past. Until he finds himself on his deathbed. He asks his granddaughter to get the letters to Audrine, hoping that they could give her some closure after almost six decades of silence from the only man she’d ever loved.
Maisie isn’t used to doing things without her parents permission, but she is determined to fulfil her grandpa’s last wish. Hoping that along the way, she’ll learn more about her grandpa’s past, she starts on her journey to the South of France to find Charlie’s long lost love. When she discovers that Audrine also became a grandparent to a very handsome man, she starts to realize that history may be repeating itself.


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This one was fun! I’m sorry for it’s simplicity; do let me know if you like it or would prefer something different :slight_smile:

I love it! Thank you so much!!