Sing Street Premades ◉ OPEN



Premades are ready-made covers that the designer can alter to fit your need. Scroll through the available premades below and fill up the forms to request. But make sure to read through the rules first before you request.


◉ Stories must be posted
◉ Two premades per user only
◉ Give credit when using the cover
◉ Model changes will only be done
when faceclaims have usable photos


A - a permanent follow
B - a comment on this



Premade Title:
New Title:
Author Name:
Small Changes:
Is your story posted?:
Payment Option:


I’d like book covers for my books. My payment has been a permanent follow. Cold you tell me how this thing is supposed to work?

Hi! You scan through the covers I’ve posted under the header “Availale Premades” and then you find which one fits your book the most. Once you’ve found that, you will up the form accordingly. :slight_smile:

Wow! Your covers are gorgeous!

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Accepted! I don’t know if I can change the scenery to winter, though. Would that still be okay?

Thanks for the tip.
Premade Title: CAMISADO
Author Name: Authorin2
Small Changes: The girl(sitting) should wear a mask that covers the part of her face above her mouth but her eyes must be seen. Also can her jeans be not ripped and black?
Payment option: A

I’ll give you the details for the other story later. How am I going to receive it?

Thanks so much.

yep x

are you adding anymore premades soon? I absolutely love your style, but none of these covers match what I’m looking for yet :slight_smile:


Premade Title: Lost Lost Found
New Title: Recall
Author Name: KateKay3948
Payment Option: A

Alright! Please complete the payment if you haven’t already and tell me when you’re done. :slight_smile:

I’m not very sure because I’m trying to get rid of all of these for now. I might be opening my shop for custom covers soon. You want me to tag you when that happens?

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Is your story posted? :slight_smile:



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Hi there! I’m not sure if this thread is still active but I was looking at your premades and thought that one of them fit a story of mine perfectly. I’d be honored if you allowed me to use it as its cover.

Premade Title: Lost, Lost, Found
New Title: The Hypnosity
Author Name: Evan & Cindy
Small Changes: Instead of “A Novel By Kat” can you change it to “Jellybean Productions Presents?”
Is your story posted?: Yes, the link to it is here.
Payment Option: A permanent follow.

Premade Title: lost lost found
New Title: beating hearts
Author Name: layla
Small Changes: none
Is your story posted?: not yet as i require a cover. but will post it as soon as i get a cover
Payment Option: i can do both :slight_smile:

I see why most people want the lost lost found cover but if someone is already requested than don’t be a sour grapefruit and do the same.
And don’t let anyone tell you what to do Designer. Have a nice day.