Siren's Sea v4


bruh dork

did you know there are free online classes i can take for this stuff???


Well I assumed so ye


eh true i’m just dumb XD

but like

there’s whole ass websites dedicated to free online lessons about a bunch of different fields and stuff


Which one


y’all ever have déjà vu about the conversation you having rn?




example, there’s coursera and i found a beginner’s korean course on there but i can also find a bunch of computers science/it classes and stuff too




i really wanna do them over winter break but i won’t have enough time so ima wait until the summer


i wanna sleep .-.


Then sleep


That tragic moment when you wanna learn Korean only for a group who hasn’t even debuted yet


Which kinda makes sense considering that means there’s less stuff translated


^track 2 from present:you + me


잘자요 사이린 :relaxed:




잘자요 또크, 아리 c:

extended list of squishy
  • soc boys
  • 100% boys
  • jinki, kibum
  • 悠太, 토끼
  • jungwoo, winwin
  • renjun, jeno
  • wonpil
  • jaehyung
  • hansol
  • hwiyoung, inseong
  • taeyong
  • woosu (IZ)


damn we be forgetting the real squishies of sf9, dawon and chani


so proud of myself :grin: