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brug i love welcome to my palygroung SO MCUH



wow thinking in the shower is helpful and also ugh

long ass essay/rant pls help

so uhh i have a situation

you see, there’s this guy. he happens to be friends with my friend. i see him around sometimes and he seems pretty cool, but we don’t know each other like that tho. about a month ago, my friend told me he liked me (let’s call him van or something idk). i was like uhh okay??? never texted her back tho, just ignored it. i think after a lil bit after THEN i get hit with those “do i want a relationship???” type feelings. so i was considering it and then i was like “y’know what, he seems alright, it won’t hurt.”

i texted him hi and all that boring stuff and then he asked me if i wanted to hang out with him on a weekend and i got startled like bruh. i said, and these exact words, “not yet.” :woman_facepalming:t4: you see, my thought process was i barely know him fr so i wanted to just hang out in school and become friends first and stuff. i said “no hanging out outside of school yet” and he was like “aight i understand.”

i tried to see when we could talk and stuff and here’s a problem: van has NO TIME AT ALL to hang out during school. he said his schedule is messed up so it’s either he’s there in the mornings or not. even when he is, it’s too short of a time to get into anything. and like a dumbass, i didn’t realize for a lil that he has wrestling after school too, except that he has to go right away. so yeah, i felt pretty dumb for a while.

okay now here’s the actual problem i was getting to: i was thinking of setting up a day where me, my friend, her bf, and van hang out or something, but i never got to doing it. i was focused on either stressing out about school or talking to people, and i forget things a lot. it wouldn’t be so bad if I actually texted him back. i haven’t bothered to talk to him since november, and even then our last convo was just greetings cuz idek what to talk about and i just dipped. i feel so bad for being such an ass to him like this. i was thinking about apologizing to him and see if i can stil talk to him and hang out and stuff buttttt

i’m lowkey reluctant to, and i realize it’s cuz even tho me and hopefully van understands that i wanna be friends first, it’s the fact that i know he likes me and he wants to hang out with me already that messes me up. (i mean, i guess hanging out outside of school to get to know people isn’t a bad thing, but i’m weird like that .-.) there’s that underlying pressure that he likes me and idk, idk how to word this right, but having that pressure there when we ain’t even friends yet ain’t it. i know this having experienced both ends of it. so yeah. i wanna break it to him cuz i’m not that interested anymore but idk how but really i do know how cuz you just DO IT but i’m hella scared and me even writing this all out is an accomplishment cuz i’ve been avoiding dealing with this for the LONGEST and damn i’m a lazy ass and terrible friend/girlfriend .^.


dammit dammit dammit










twitter: finally gives me an notif for sf9
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especially my mans youngkyun tho DAMN


can y’all spot the difference?





Well I guess you should tell him if you’re not that interested but you already know that .-.


I guess it’s only fair you tell him as soon as you can rather than making him wait and get his hopes up


I like how you were like “shut the fuck up everyone” and then “aww babies” with baron and ayno XD


^comeback teaser.


mounring ten c: