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You’re fine, don’t worry about it!

yes! or anything you think fits honestly. anything minimalist, soft and sweet. it’s really hard to find something in the realms of what i was looking for. honestly i’m good with either one! you can do whatever you’d like with it. i’m sure you can! i’ll be eager to see. that’s completely fine! i’ll head over to do the payment now. :)) thank you in advance!

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Perfect timing because I just finished. So I tried out both with a border and without. I personally like the one without the border, but it's completely your choice. I chose a nice, pretty font for a soft feel. Then I added some light pink around it which oddly fit with the picture. I hope you like them! @Seliriah
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oh my goodness! they’re both very pretty! thank you so much! i like the one more without the border as well. that picture worked better than i thought it would! thank you again! :))

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Okay, so I used the picture you provided and a picture of a dark rose that I found (it's tinted red slightly). I tried to do as you said with a cursive type font. Nothing I downloaded worked until I found that one. Oh, the picture you provided, I also darkened it. I hope you like them! @atypical-alex

I’m so glad you like them! Thanks for requesting!

Okay, so I’ve tried out a few things and I’m having a hard time make it work. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it right for you. If I can’t do it justice, I recommend the shop, After Hours. The girl who runs it makes free covers and banners and her graphics are amazing.

I completely understand I really appreciate you working on this and I am extremely grateful for you’re patience. Your covers are beautiful and your story is great keep up your great work!

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Thank you! I hope you get the cover you want and deserve! :slight_smile:


SUBTITLE*: Aliens have invaded and the heroes are no help

AUTHOR: Sierra

INSPO/IDEAS: ruined city - a storm brewing to hit - space ships (I fail at this.)

IMAGES: Uno Two (just what I mean by ruined city. You don’t need to use them should you wish not to)

COLOR SCHEME: red - orange - light yellow (pretty much like a sun setting in the background, creating an illusion of fire) or just a dark chilly feeling to it

ANYTHING ELSE?: The character face claim is Candice Accola and I was hoping that you could use one with her wearing flowers but because you’re the artist I’ll let you have free rein as I’m not sure what really would fit the cover. You don’t need to add her even. Password is Giant Melons (and I’m going to question it. Why Giant Melons?)

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[ ACCEPTED ] @StoryWritersNeverLie I hope I can do your cover justice. I enjoy dystopian type themes so yay. You can complete the payment of an honest comment on my story, The Beard. It's linked under the rules. I have work, so if you don't get it today then tommorow. Thanks for requesting!
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Thanks, and take the time that you need.I’ll go complete the payment now :smile:

SUBTITLE*: Sierra Walker
AUTHOR*: Desaree Jones
INSPO/IDEAS: It would be nice if you could incorporate the color yellow and maybe an hour glass or something involving sand (referring to the sands of time, as the character is a time traveler). Also, I'd like for the character's name (the subtitle) to be more prominent than the title of the book).
ANYTHING ELSE?: Giant melons
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[ ACCEPTED ] @ReeWritesBooks okay, one regular banner coming up. If you don't get it tonight, then you'll get it tomorrow! You can go ahead and complete the payment of an honest comment on my story, The Beard. The link is under the rules.
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[ ACCEPTED ] @GoddessDenicia okie dokie. I'll try a few things out. You'll definitely get it tomorrow. You can go ahead and complete the payment of an honest comment on my story, The Beard. The link is under the rules. I hope I can do your cover justice :)


Thank you so much! They’re gorgeous :blush:

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I’m so glad you like them!


@StoryWritersNeverLie oh lordy, this took me some time. I tried to add Candice, but all her pictures are happy and with a smiling face. I wanted to really make it to your liking because you went above and beyond with the payment, thank you for that. I do hope you like these covers though. One is more darker and bland almost, and the other has a reddish tint to it. I thought this background would fit perfectly and I added a UFO and a beam of light. I'm so sorry I couldn't add Candice. And giant melons because I heard it somewhere but can't remember. Just know it's inappropriate.
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