Sky's MOSTLY FREE Premades ~ open for business



Hi wattpad readers and writers! I’ve just recently gotten back into cover making and I wanted to share my graphics with you guys! They’re just premades, so me just trying to get these creative juices flowing! I hope you guys enjoy!

Okay, so far I’ve got six premades. They’re a first come, first serve basis. I don’t want people typing around with the same cover for their stories. Rules and payment is below. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Threadhopping is perfectly fine.
  2. Be nice, I’m rusty.
  3. Let me know if you use it or want any changes within reason!
  4. I WILL NOT change any of the models used. I’ll change fonts and/or color, but models stay the same!
  5. Stories don’t have to be posted.
  6. Give a little baby credit somewhere.
  7. You may request more than once!
  8. You only get denied if the premade is already taken, sorry.


  1. Honestly, just glance at my story.
  2. If second request, a follow.
  3. If third or more request, an honest comment on my story Almost Gone.

See premades below!


See form below!

p.s. dimensions look off because of wattpad, I promise it’s the normal 512x800 XP



premade chosen:
font change?*:
anything else?:

  • means required in case any of you are new to graphic requesting. For your chosen premade, just put the number of the premade, you can see those above. I’ll gladly change the font, you just have to provide me with an idea of one or a specific choice!


I was waiting for this to open! These are nice!


Thanks so much! I’m glad you like them, accepted btw. It’ll be done in like 30 minutes to an hour, probably less!


Here are your covers! I did two because the title is longer than ‘Premade One’ so I played around a bit! Let me know if you want any changes :slight_smile:


Could you have the entire title at the bottom and my name at the top? Also, the font lighter so it is easier to see




Here you go!


Can the text be white? and arranged as

The Blood

name needs to be slightly smaller and down, it drowns out the title since it is bigger (not so close to the edges)

sorry if I’m being picky :persevere:


It’s okay. Here are four more. Two of them were made before I saw the other edits you wanted


The third one, thanks!


No problem! I’m glad I could meet your standards? Haha, come again I guess!


I guess I just picked up a lot from critiques and such I’ve seen :joy: when there is a dark backdrop with darker colors, especially with the small view on Wattpad, it makes the text hard to see. Also, you don’t want an author name to be bigger than the title, that should be what pops, stands out, and the placement of the text and how the words are arranged can also help make it not feel as crowded when there are longer titles. You also don’t want text super close to the edges, it could get cut off, and also, it makes it look more professional as covers of published books don’t have text close to the edges for the same reason.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting something exact! You are putting it on your work of art after all


more coming soon :slight_smile:



If there’s anyone watching, I’ve made more premades and added them to the post wayyyyy above. They’re basically free y’all…and I’m bored and lonely so please request! :slight_smile: