Sky's MOSTLY FREE Premades ~ open for business




:slight_smile: lonely and bored. Story doesn’t have to be posted, but you do have to use it. If not then it stays a premade







sigh, even for fun. Request please :slight_smile:


title: Yearn
subtitle*: I’ll Find You
author: xvayhoneyx
premade chosen: 6
font change?*: no thank you :smiley:
anything else?: Can it be like a grunge aesthetic themed cover?


Hey, thanks so much for requesting. Before I accept you, what do you mean grunge aesthetic? Like do you want me to darken it?


yes please!!


Okay! That’s a can do. Accepted :slight_smile: I’ll try to have it done in 30 minutes to an hour!




Okay, I made three with the texts in different places. Let me know if you want any other changes made


Hey, it’s not my cover, but a tip: I can’t see the author name in the first two unless I tilt my screen at an awkward angle on the first two, lightening them up would help (just my opinion) also, these are cool looking


Thanks for your feedback and the compliment. I’ll have to see what they say first before changing any colors around. It’s all trial and error right now lol


Thank You so much!!! You’re amazing!!!


No problem! Are you sure there aren’t any changes you want? @PellinorLover2314 pointed out a mistake so if you want I can change the font color and play with it?


That’s up to you:)


:thinking: I’ll throw out a couple more suggestions then XD