Slow Burn- How many chapters in did your characters finally get together?

Hey guys, to my fellow romance writers who like to slow burn the heck out of their books. How many chapters in did your characters finally get together?

( No breaking up or drama after this )

For my first book ( it had comparatively short chapters), it took them almost 60 chapters to get together.


Like. Ever? Just when they’re like together and happy and tied up in a little bow?

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Kind of like that ( they could have breaks ) but it should be a happy/ambiguous ending and we ( readers ) know that they are together.

why am I explaining this when I have read you whole book lol


Yeah I guess my kiddos don’t count then.

And I mean like time wise there was a slow burn kinda I dunno. Their everything is messed up.

NEXT BOOK THO. That one will be simpler. And have delicious slow burn.

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Waiting for it!

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Um, they don’t get “together” until about 2/3 of the way through the third book in the series XD (Each book is probably going to be around the 100k word range).

BUT there are legitimate conflicts keeping them apart (but no love triangles, blech)


34 chapters (out of 45). I think their teenage anxiety/stupidity about first love makes it seem longer for older readers :joy:

The longest referenced burn in any of my worlds is probably my MCs parents. Dad was crazy about Mom for years before she finally decided to stop playing her cat-and-mouse game with him and they made it official. Shortest burn is a literal day, with my Moth Bois.


Depends on what you mean by “getting together.” My characters haven’t gotten together after 60 chapters, 18 years of marriage and a grown son who wonders daily when they’re going to get it over with and start killing each other before one of them kills him in the process. Lol

Love to me isn’t real until it’s put to the test and passed it. Getting together to me means they’re at the point where one murders somebody and the other helps bury it not first kiss or sex or even marriage. In that case, it once took me 300K from their first sex (chapter 2) to that point of them being able to say “I love you” which was written in the epilogue XDD

Edit: I just saw, “no breakups or drama after this.”

In which case, when I decide to not write them and move on or when one of them is dead. There is no such thing as a relationship with no drama until one of them die. XD


what do you define as them getting together? :sweat_smile:

I’m 39 chapters in, and the MC is only just now accepting that she has feelings for the LI :joy:


My main book, the MC admits her feelings in chapter nineteen. He admits his feelings in chapter twenty-one, then more clearly in the following chapter. Their first kiss happens in chapter twenty-three.

But I really focus on their friendship prior to this and allow it to build and evolve.

First time having sex was chapter forty-seven.

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(Me starting with them already together and wondering whether that was a good approach)
Minus 15 probably


Mine don’t then either, I guess

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In medias res is a long standing literary approach!

Also one of my favorites!!


Love. almost. lust en want way sooner . guess love around chapter 30


Yesss. Slow burn romance is the BEST!

When you say get together do you mean kiss for the first time or actually become a couple?

If the first one, then 26 chapters. If the latter, then they still aren’t together and we’re 52 chapters in :joy:


My latest story does seem like a slowburn, but the MC’s don’t get together until chapter 20 which is the halfway point.

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Mine is duology since the story begins with their meeting. they get together soon.

  • The First kiss is in chapter 1( but is just a peck on the lips and there is a story behind it)

  • The first normal kiss is in chapter 4

  • The first date chapter 12

  • The first time having sex chapter 20

There will be ‘I love you’ in this book, but just one of the characters will say it. (That is not published yet.)


I’m not there yet!

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In one of the ones I’ve written (But never published) the literally don’t. It’s the kind of thing that I got them to hint at in a ‘will they wont they’ way but they never do get together. I don’t know why. I know that kind of makes my response pointless, but from the way I see it… it’s the ultimate slow burn. When I’m reading a book or watching a show/movie , I kinda get bored once that slow burn is over… so I always try and make them as long as possible until it’s almost ridiculous.

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16 chapters in and they’re still not together :joy:

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