So, I discovered slugs in my bathroom last night… Now they are my friends. This one is named Sludge.


Tell Sludge I said hi!


:scream::scream::scream: please tell me you live very, very, very far away from me


I love how random this is. You are my type of a person.


Hi ugly friend. Sludge meets banana



Slugs are amazing animals


Lol. Merci and vice versa


I dunno. I live in Ohio. :blush:


Do you like them? They are amazing until they poop slimes on you :joy:


I like observing them, not touching them so much


Aw… so cute.


omg i used to have slugs like slide out of my bathroom sink but then i just kept putting bleach down where they came from and they didnt come back cause ew


This is some Strangers Things shit XD Are we in the Upside Down?