Small Irritation with "Undiscovered Stories"

Alright, so I’ve never made it big. Same with most of Wattpad’s many many many writers. I love reading books with small readership, because I know, as a small author myself, how it feels to have someone really read your book. I’ve mostly scrolled and searched tags, 'cause I REALLY don’t enjoy romance and that’s a huge chunk of WP. So I decided to give the “Undiscovered Stories” thing a try. Here’s the titles, authors, and readcount of them as of 8:51 p.m., Eastern Time Zone, USA, 11/24/19:
Note: If you’re an author on this list, I’m not trying to diss you. Congrats on getting this far and I’m sure your book is great.

Two of these are Watty winners
I don’t know what Wattpad’s definition of “Undiscovered” is, but I disagree. 5k is the max for “undiscovered” for me, and that’s stretching it. I thought Undiscovered Writers were the ones who hadn’t been, you know, discovered. Most WP books have, what, a few hundred reads at the most? These “Undiscovered” books have 42.1 thousand reads. The average of these is over 11k reads.

Could someone explain this selection?

Again, I’m not meaning to insult these authors.

Hi there, is it a thread for undiscovered books? Or the discovered books people think are undiscovered?


I was asking Wattpad about their definition of “Undiscovered”


Your definition of discovered doesn’t match the Wattpad staff’s definition of discovered.


Oh. So you believe reads over 5k are discovered?


What is theirs?

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Not exactly sure, but the books you listed aren’t exactly popular.


Yes. Sorry for the mispost.

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I think wattpad has discovered books which only popular. No offence, but why can’t a book be more famous if it is written by a part-time writer?



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I realize, but what I’m trying to get at is there are how many thousands of books, good books, with a hundred reads? I’m confused, because I’ve always defined undiscovered as less than a thousand reads. I never realized WP’s was different.


It is not a mispost it’s the truth

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Me too. I think the same!!!

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I meant where I accidentally replied to @ProjectPr1de instead of you lol

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How many books have you written?

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I’ve made a few accounts on here over the years. Edited my books lovingly, posted them, made friends. Never got more than 600 reads after more than a year. Pretty discouraging, especially for a younger me. I stopped classifying that book as “undiscovered” once it hit 500. I saw books with 100 reads after the same amount of time, and realized I had done better than most.

But to answer the question, 7ish


Being a writer that do feel discovered (around 1M of reads, 10k of followers), I can pretty much say that most of the writers you put in your first post can feel undiscovered. For me, they are.

When one of my book (that is not a fanfic) does not arrive to 100k, I feel like this book is a complete fail…

So yeah, those writers deserve to be there and they deserve to get know more :wink:


I never said they didn’t deserve to be recognized. Like you said, compared to you, they are undiscovered. So how do they compare to a hundred reader-count story? Definitely discovered.

But congratulations on your success.


I think the definition of “discovered” is to be at least to 100k and having many comments on each chapter, having loyal readers, having built a community ! And with “only” 5k to 40k… those writers are not yet there (but sooon ! :crossed_fingers:)

Of course, story with 100-200-1k reads are undiscovered too ! But the stories in your thread are also undiscovered.

And I don’t know much about how the algorithm does its job, but I think it pushes in front of the scene stories with at least a bit of activities on it (votes, comments, being added to reading lists…) so those stories can gain visibility from visibility.

The algorithm is… well… an algorithm. It is not handpicked so it cannot be perfect, but it is already good :slight_smile:

I do think stories with less than 1k deserve also their places into the “undiscovered stories” section, but nothing need to be said against the stories that are already here and that are deserving their place too.

Thank you :slight_smile: