small writers come through!!!

Hey guys! I’m relatively new on Wattpad and currently writing an original fiction. I think feedback is an important way for someone to grow especially for those who are still starting out and as a way to support small writers who are struggling to find an audience for their work, I decided to open a feedback-for-feedback topic so we could help each other out. :heart:

  • any genres would be welcomed
  • can be completed or not
  • story’s view must be under 500
  • original works only please

If your work’s long, I might give a small feedback on the first part (worry not, I’ll surely read the rest!!!). Moreover, I would really appreciate if you guys also read and/offer feedback on my story. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! Here’s my Romance story, if you’d like to check out (it currently has around 280 reads)
Genres: Teen Fiction, Romance.
Tags: High School, Playlists, Music, Aphonia, Mute.
Small summary: Isabel Cooper Valdez thought she was heading in the right direction in life. After suffering from being a mute every day, the seventeen-year-old believed there would be a ray of light nearing her in the form of Summer Vacations.
It all crumbles as a newcomer, and a former best friend returns to Austin, Texas- the same person who almost killed her.
Status: Ongoing; 10 chapters available.

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Guilty #wattpad



In the seemingly ordinary city of Gradmid, there is mysterious tree that is said to grant magical abilities to those who present an offering. However, the offering must something of value to the person, and the more valuable the offering is, the more powerful the ability will be. Since the power granted is based off the offering, it’s advised that you choose your offering wisely. If you’re unsure of what to do, feel free to ask previous visitors about their experiences. They’ll be more than happy to share their tales of love, loss, life, despair, and, most importantly, acceptance.

Read here!

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Having lived his entire life in a monastery located in the swamps of Louisiana, Olivier has grown up under the strict watch of the other monks. Never permitted to its grounds, he knows nothing of the world beyond these stone walls.

But when a mysterious woman appears during a storm, the young monk must acknowledge a terrifying truth from his past.

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A variety of stories that are meant for enjoyment, so far pretty lighthearted. Most (not all) are inspired by a photo, which will be placed at the end of each story so you can imagine the story first.
Hope you enjoy!

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Everyday had always been the same for Ivory, for 5 years - Wake up to the ocean waves and then have all the time in the world to do whatever. But one day everything changes and Ivory’s been the happiest she’s ever been in 5 years when a boy enters her life.

He fell from the sky and washed ashore. He was no normal human boy. He was an Angel. A fallen angel and a scarred, broken girl.

Could those blessed moments of happiness be forever though? Little did they know, they were the center of each other’s storm.

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Hi there! :wave:

There’s a Critiques and Feedback section in the Story Services club where all review/critique/feedback services are advertised. I’ve gone ahead and moved the thread for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

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thank you!!! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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Please read it! ^^

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I love the opening of this what the HECK

Hey everyone,
I just posted my first chapter one here yesterday. I’m excited to read your stuff and I hope you enjoy mine :slight_smile:


Pain is the only thing Sienna has ever known, it’s the price of being alive. For years the two distant shores of the island have been cut off from one another, the water too dangerous to venture through. But the ‘Main Land’ holds opportunity and the promise of power and wealth Sienna’s father wants more than anything. She is sent on the long and life threatening journey to the end of the island where she can cross to the other side and claim the land in the name of her father. But the city under the mountain holds more than she bargained for and she’s throw into the life of someone who makes her question everything she thought she knew…


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499 at time of typing so I just scrape in :sweat_smile:

Captain Craskell a veteran with more deep-space time than any other in the fleet. Handpicked to lead a mission to build a spaceport and set up mining operations in Uranus orbit. All he wants to do is retire but fate is not done with him yet.

Four months into final Uranus insertion they lose all communications with Earth…and everywhere else. With all contact lost, Earth decimated, nowhere to run and another attack imminent how will Captain Craskell and the crew Tama Maru adapt? Will they survive or are they in just to Deep?

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Hello mate!


Genres: Fantasy

#No Disney story#
#No Disney romance#
#no true love’s kiss#
#and certainly no Happily ever after#

Shall certainly try out your story!

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I enjoy being here but still I don’t know how to show my work here :sweat::cold_sweat:


Title: The Butcher Prince - Children of the Moon
Genre: Fantasy
Small summary: Humans have been oppressed and sold into slavery for centuries, because of a lost war which makes the human Crown Prince want to “save” the world from the hybrids by genocide.
Status: Ongoing, 23 chapters available

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just link ur story!! it wouldn’t hurt to try and put it out on community topics :wink:

My Imaginary Friend is Suicidal and Other Reasons I Left the Faith

Hey here is my story,
I’ll read yours too :ok_hand:t5: