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Open :slight_smile:

I can give a you a fake :slightly_smiling_face:

Cover Banner
Title: Page after Page
Subtitle: Can you rewrite fate?
Author: Penna Paypur
Ideas: Cursive script and/or typewriter font. Something uplifting and sunny. Maybe ink details, or weathered look…
Mood/Genre: Happy/Small town/Romance
Images: You can use this pic if you want.
Anything Else: This is a Fake.

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Thanks. Accepted! :blush:

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Can I request for a whole theme?

Requesting FAKE Cover

Title: The Adventures of Genji

Subtitle: Too curious for his own good.

Author: Enna L. Foxwood

Ideas: Silhouette of a boy standing in front of a starry sky overlayed with green gradient colors. The boy should just be standing.

Mood/Genre: Adventurous, exciting, bright, colorful (although mostly yellows and greens), whimsical. Genre is sci-fi, adventure, fantasy.

Just to give you a sense of Genji,
Genji Inspiration here

Images inspo

Cover style inspo

Password: Box

Anything Else: Even though the character is real, this cover is a fake, so even though I did give you a bunch of inspirations, if you find something else that works it’s perfectly fine for me :slight_smile:

Thank you for considering :slight_smile:

Hmm, sure! I’ll let yoy know if I can do it it not. But it just means the same colors, images, or whatever right?

Accepted! Thanks so much!

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Cover (my laptop won’t do the check thingy)
Title: Love Will Find a Way
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Auticorn
Ideas: I was hoping you could make it really loving. Like, the love interest/best friend caring deeply for her and such. If you can, you could include hearts or something to do with love and friendship.
Mood/Genre: Pinks & reds. Loving, friendly, colorful; romance/drama
Images: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ]
Password: Box
Anything Else: I’m not sure what a fake is but… I’ll be happy with whatever you do! btw… I LOVE that show. It’s so cute!

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Hi, here you go! I’m always open to making any changes you may have. :slight_smile:

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Accepted. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Here you go! I hope you like it :slight_smile:

That’s good. Whenever you’re ready then

Hi, I’ll finish your cover later tonight :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty good! :smiley:
Is it possible to make the font color brighter?

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Hey, it looks great! Thanks! Maybe if the title’s font could be white, it would stand out more?

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