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Hello! I love your covers! I was hoping you could help me on my cover for the Open Novella contest.

Title: The Viper
Subtitle: N/A
Author: EnchanteddWriting (yes two ds)
Genre: Fantasy and YA
Colors/theme: I was thinking reds and backs, something dark and mysterious. Like fire.

It's a lil' long so I will hide it

Once upon a time. . .

There was a kingdom in the midst of a war. As troops were slain mercilessly, the king turned to the gods and prayed for a blessing. Thus, the dragon goddess, Tiamat, answered. She lent her aid to the kingdom in return for a hundred souls to become her offspring. The king, in a frenzy, accepted her offer without acknowledging the weight of his decision.

When the kingdom was victorious, the king decided to go back on his word. The cost was one-hundred men too many; he refused to take that many lives.

Furious, Tiamat swore to the king that when she had enough power, she would cause such devastation in the kingdom the king’s legacy would be nothing but a story.

Her power was depleted, but her fury was unlimited.

It took the vengeful goddess a thousand years to gather the strength to deliver her child into the world. This child would carry the soul of a dragon that would slowly lose its sanity until it caused chaos throughout the world; the world the king had sworn to protect.

There would be only one way to stop the progression of the mania before the world plummets into disarray. Yet, that is only for the dragon to know and the world to ponder.

Ideas: I absolutely adore your cover “The Wild,” I would love something like that. The MC has dark dark brown hair that falls to her mid back. Her eyes are slit and red (like a dragons), and her skin is a fair pale. Perhaps there can be a city in the background or flames. The main idea being centered around the MC. (Also, how do you paint the hair that well, OMG?!) And if you can, maybe you can add a pair of dragon wings? If not then that’s cool!
Images: image
Anything else: You are absolutely amazing at covers, how are you not getting more requests?!

Haha thank you so much! Accepted, I’ll see what I can come up with

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Np, as a young cover maker, doing hair is horrid and I’m still learning. So I give you a big applaud.


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I dont really draw hair from scratch. I use the model own hair and some hair stocks to add some definition

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Sure, i will do once i get on my laptop

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Hi! Your covers are really cool!

Title: Fire & Gold
Subtitle: Nothing was ever normal
Author: Spacekru
Genre: Modern day fantasy
colors/theme: Ideally kind of a mixture of dark and neon.

Summary: Residents in a small town start to develop strange abilities as a result of the “Changing”, a prophetic occurrence every hundred years in which a small population has to fight off demons to prevent an apocalyptic event. I can give a more detailed plot if needed.

Ideas: If possible, it would be cool if the title was on like a neon diner sign or something like that? Or some other integration of a diner scene since that really conveys the small town vibe. If not that, then something kinda woodsy with a lake or a campfire or something like that?

Images(optional): da0bf9bcdcafcb1abd8511ae158b1fd3 photo-1555992303-78fcc6e82520 d8d6450f3a43f06ec3bc27039736d7e9

Anything else: If you need any more information from me or have any questions just let me know!!

Title: Drakkon Born
Subtitle: n/a
Author: Ivy Jain Moore
Genre: YA Fantasy
colors/theme: Purple and Black. A darker theme but not too dark. A “typical” fantasy theme
Ideas: I really love the cover you made for The Wild Swan. I would like something like that or something like the pictures I put below. My character has dark curly hair and brown eyes. She is ethnic, if that helps for a model, with her mother being black and her father being latino.

Anything else: Your covers are so lovely! The style of them is exactly what I was searching for! I hope you will be able to do my cover :grin:

Accepted :slight_smile:

Can you name some ethnic models i can use?

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