Snog, Marry, Avoid: Character Edition

So. Let’s play a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid. If you don’t know what it is; basically, you are given three people to choose from. Out of these three people, you choose whether you would snog them, marry them, or avoid them. However, being since this is all about character games, I’m changing the rules slightly.

Pick three characters from your book(s) (you can include your main character if you don’t really have that many characters thought out). Give a simple description of their appearance (only hair, eye colour, height and body type/figure) and personality. You can also add anything else you think will help the decision. The next person will then reply who their main character would snog, marry or avoid. If you don’t have three characters in your book - feel free to use a character from a different book, or any character you’d like. But, ideally, it should be from your own book. They don’t have to be major characters, just anything for the sake of the game! It could be a character you mentioned once, it really doesn’t matter. Also, for the sake of the game, ignore your character’s preferences when it comes to gender (i.e. if they’re straight/bi/gay etc.). Otherwise, the game isn’t going to go anywhere :grimacing:

I feel like I could have explained the rules a bit better, or I made them more complicated than they needed to be :joy: so, I’ll just start off to show an example:

Character One:
Name: Raven Farrow/Princess Topaz
Appearance: Blonde hair and brown eyes. About 5ft 10in with a pear-shaped figure
Personality: Gentle and open-minded, Raven is empathetic, a lover of all beings - human or otherwise. She tries to focus on the positive people and things in her life and is constantly trying to better herself as a person.
Anything Else: Raven is a Princess of the most powerful dynasty - although, she doesn’t want to be there and is searching for a way out.

Character Two:
Name: Alarik Sallow
Appearance: Blonde hair, a stubble beard and blue eyes. 6ft 8in with a muscular build
Personality: A laid-back businessman. Alarik is incredibly loyal and selfless, which is what has helped his business grow. He is a hard-working man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and would sooner die than betray anyone he pledged his allegiance to.
Anything Else: Alarik’s business is in dragon breeding. It is illegal in this world, but only because dragon hunters want to kill the dragons off; so, therefore, his illegal business is helping keep the dragons alive.

Character Three
Name: Bree (last name unknown)
Appearance: Black hair and green eyes. 6ft exactly with an hourglass figure
Personality: Sassy and flirty, Bree isn’t afraid to make it clear what she wants or what she thinks. She’s straight to the point but may also get caught up in her feelings and gets upset easily. She doesn’t quite understand what a relationship is, but she’d probably give it a try. Or not, depending on if the person makes a mistake.
Anything Else: Bree runs an Inn that was left to her after her mother passed away

Now, as your main character, you will respond with who you would snog, marry, avoid and why? And then, you put forward your three characters to take part for the next person’s main character to respond to. Am I making sense? :joy:

Happy snog, marry, avoiding!

Great idea, let’s just get into the mindset for my main character. I will write the explanation from his perpective.

Snog: Bree. No denying, I have a weakness for well formed female bodies. I probably won’t stand her attitude for long, but it should be enough for a night.

Marry: Alarik Sallow. He’s a hard worker and would be an asset on the farm. And I’d love to raise fiery killing beast together.

Avoid: Raven Farrow. A princess that never worked a day in her life? No, thank you. If she runs away to be with me, I’ll be a target for the royals, she’s definitely not worth it.

For my story, I actually have enough characters to make two "Snog, Marry, Avoid"s. A female one and a male one.
I’ll start with the ladies, and will post the other one as a reply to someone else.

Character 1:
Name: Rita Herdaal
Appearance: Normal height. Long, blond hair with strands of pure white. One eye red, the other eye green. Hourglass figure, perky breasts. In her 30s supposedely, but looks like young twenties, because elves
Personality: Seducing, teasing, but also hard working, great cook, inventive
Anything else: She’s an half-elf. She can use light and time magic. She uses self-made love-perfume to seduce men to keep the Inn of her late parents over water.

Character 2
Name: Tilda Skryt
Appearance: A little on the short side. dark red, curly hair. Petite, but still athletic. Hazel eyes with green streaks in them. In her early 20s
Personality: She appreciates jokes, even bad ones. Is never too serious. Will steal all your money.
Anything else: Grew up on the streets, because her mother was a fugitive after she got pregnant. Has an accent that is similar to Australian. Can use healing magic.

Character 3
Name: Karenthia (No second name because royalty)
Appearance: small, looks like about 12, but is actually 16 (because elves), dark red hair with streaks of pure white streaks. Eyes slightly vertically slit, iris goes from blue to green to brown to orange to red and has bright green streaks in them.
Personality: Shy, curious, determined to safe everyone of her people, even if it means hardship for her.
Anything else: She can use all types of magic. Her older brother is already the allmage, and she shouldn’t have been born, so she was kept a secret and was not allowed to train any of her magic.


This is in the Mindset of Pilo (Or bee boy)

Snog: Tilda No doubt. I think her eyes are pretty and nice to look at I suppose.
Marry: Rita, actually. Light and time magic sounds a lot better than mine plus I hear she makes good food and she can invent something, pretty amazing, I should visit her inn one day.

Avoid: Sorry Karenthia, I’ve have my fair share of Royalty, nothing against you, just against royalty.

Character One:
Name: Caro
Appearance: 5’7, large dark horns with curly hair covering his amber eyes, missing an arm, and has some scratches on him.
Personality: Stoic and nice to the world, he’s considered a mom to people, so mom best friend.
Anything Else: By all technicalities, he is both a knight and a king (And a beetle.)

Character Two:
Name: Pilo
Appearance: Blonde hair styled in a large poofy afro, stinger, bee wings, yellow and caramel skin. 5’9 with a fit runners build.
Personality: Hot headed but very loving, will do anything for the people he loves, doesn’t matter if he has to travel the world to find them. He also loves sweet things.
Anything Else: His power is shooting stingers out through his fingers like bullets. ALSO he’s a huge nerd.

Character Three
Name: Samantha The Snail
Appearance: Pale white skin with blue eyes and blonde hair styled in two buns. She has a large shell on her back and a very large crack in it.
Personality: A huge shy nerd who cares only about her garden, friends, and family. She loves to eat and explore.
Anything Else: She has a demon in her shell but that doesn’t matter unless it breaks.


Hmm, based on the point of view from my first main character Abel, he will:

Snog: Caro, regardless on his appearance, his personality is actually very nice that everyone would actually feel comfortable.
Marry: Samantha no doubt, her appearance is actually beautiful, her personality is also sweet from her caring side for her friends and family.
Avoid: Pilo, well the hot headed personality is something that is kinda difficult to face.

Character one:
Name: Dean Fullmetal
Appearance: 174 cm body height, black straight short hair, dark purple sharp eyes, also has a bit muscular body, but not as buffed as a common bodybuilder would have. As for his clothes, he wears a red shirt with black strips, dark green camo pants, a red jacket, a dark red beanie, a black wristband, and black shoes.
Personality: He’s grumpy, rude, fierce, fraudulent, rebel, he has a low sense of humor, but he’s also brave, friendly, cares a lot to his friends and family.
Anything else: He’s a skater boy from Eastwind Town, in the first book he’s 15 years old, in the second book he’s 16 years old, he’s a graduate from Eastwind Academy. He’s good at debating, he’s good at strategies and of course good at strategy based games, a great advisor, good at martial arts, loves extreme sports, he will sacrifice anything for his dearest, and he will protect his friends in the front row. Has a pet dragon. Currently holds the title Axirea Fighters Champion.

Character two:
Name: Simon Fullmetal
Appearance: 173 cm body height, kinda skinny, but still in the average scale, white straight short hair, emerald eyes. As for his clothes, he wears a green shirt, a dark green blazer, dark brown long pants, green baseball cap, a silver wristband, and a pair of black loafers.
Personality: Kind, caring, very patient, calm, smiles a lot, very polite, loves to learn new things, but he can get really scary when he’s angry.
Anything else: The smartest student in the Eastwind Academy, in the first book he’s 16 years old, in the second book he’s 17 years old, he graduated from Eastwind Academy with the highest score on the graduation exam. He’s the best cook in the team, all of his cooks has its own unique taste that nobody can copy from his hands, he’s also the doctor in the team, whenever someone got sick, he will be in the front row to take care of them. His only weakness is he has a weak body and he can’t do sports. Has a pet dinosaur. Currently works as Professor Phyllis’ private assistant, and also currently studying medical science.

Character three:
Name: Tara Fullmetal
Appearance: 171 cm body height, has an athletic ideal body for a girl, dark blue straight long hair, black eyes, and also has a quite ideal bust size. As for her clothes, she wears a blue shirt with light blue strips in her long sleeves, a light blue waistcoat, a black short skirt, a diamond heart shaped necklace, blue berret, long blue socks with dark blue strips, a dark blue wristband, and a pair of black flatshoes.
Personality: Cheerful, caring, kind, friendly, fascinating, lovable, full of energy, but very insensitive.
Anything else: The queen bee in Eastwind Academy, in the first book she’s 16 years old, in the second book she’s 17 years old. She graduated Eastwind Academy with the prettiest student in Eastwind Academy achievement. About 95% guys will fall in love with her in the first sight, and about 80% guys will fight for her heart after knowing her. She’s the best at doing almost every sports that ever existed, can be both the cheerleader and the ace player in a sports team, but she’s the worst at academic subjects. She can’t do close combat martial arts, she can’t do chess because she’s an idiot, and she can’t do extreme sports due to lack of courage. She never can crack a code from some guy who’s trying to confess his love, which means she can only accept straightforward love confessions. She’s a great gunner with high accuracy. Has a pet turtle in her house. Currently works as a top photography model in her region.


Mindset of Raiju B. Fox (the B stands for Blue! :smiley:), a thunder Kitsune in love with rock:

Snog: Tara Fullmetal. She reminds me a bit of myself. She sounds like she can have a good time and won’t punch my lights out.

Marry: Simon Fullmetal. Always cool to be with someone who loves learning new things and I feel like he could even out my “short comings”. Also, i’d wouldn’t be too worried about him punching my lights out.

Avoid: Dean Fullmetal. I’m afraid he’ll punch my lights out!

Character One:
Name: Luzia Vitoria
Appearance: She’s average in height, has red-colored contacts, she always dyes her short hair different colors tipped with black, has dark skin, and has a slim athletic build, and is 20 years-old. Her favorite black-sleeved shirt is pink with a black silloute of a crow on it, wears a choker with spikes on it, navy blue jeans, and black sneakers.
Personality: She acts calmly and relaxed with a soothing voice. A bit of a nerd on most things entertainment related like videogames and stories, loves anything horror related, has a dark sense of humor, sadistic when it comes to messing with people or hurting those who’ve done wrong…and is also loving towards animals.
Anything Else: Shes an Undead MMA Ninja if u bring out her violent side. She has a pet crow named “Brandon” thats always around for her. Based on him, her favorite weapon became a crowbar. Despite how happy she seems, vengeance runs deep within her.

Character Two
Name: Da Ji
Appearance: Her body is tall, lean, and ripped, but attractively “THICC”, with pale-colored skin. She has red medium-length dreads for her hairstyle that match her bright red eyes. She usually wears shades, a black leather jacket with a fox skull logo at the heart, a pair of jeans, and black running shoes. She also can turn into a fox or just let her animal tails and ears out. She’s 21 years old.
Personality: She can seductively forward to anybody, especially in bars to get free drinks from others. Give her a drink and she a becomes a teaseful/playful drunk. Beware, as easy she is to please, it’s also easy to anger her. Try to interrupt her good time or be controlling of her, she’ll become irritated. If you try to fight her, that’s even worse…for she’s a masochist. Her voice gets deeper and viciously happy when hurt, then her taunting them to hit back or to shut up and sit down.
Anything Else: She’s the one and only Fire Kitsune. The more excited she gets during fights, she starts to burn brighter in the ROYGBIV order, even changing the colors of her hair/fur. Shes a Master with the Drunken Fist style and her past training has made her embrace pain instead of being afraid of it…she can also play Bass Guitar😃

Character Three
Name: Hibana
Appearance: She looks to be 25 year-old, barely reaches average height, has sun-kissed skin, has a slim-fit build, has medium-length brown hair tied in a ponytail, and ocean blue eyes. She dresses casually, mostly wearing bright-colored tank-tops with either sweats or jeans on.
Personality: She’s very cocky and smug, thinking she’s better than most people and trying to show-it-off often. She’s also a thrillseeker, hoping to find adventure in whatever she does and its all she really asks for. Despite her out-there personality, she’s good at counseling others and being motherly.
Anything Else: She’s over 2000 years old! Been on Earth since Ancient Japan! She’s an Immortal Instructor who teaches generations of Kunoichi the Stunning Strike style, using electricity from the body to stun enemies instead of killing. She also likes to carry a yo-yo around as a weapon.


In the mind of Lorenzo Rosso, a devoted yandere (wonder how this is going to work, :sweat_smile:):

Snog: Da ji, not my usual type but I like that she’s willing to take punishment. That’s kinda hot. Plus if I squint she reminds of me of my angel’s twin, so that’s a bonus. Maybe we could get some kinda benefits thing going.

Marry: Luzia Vitoria, I like that darkness 'round her. Plus she’s relaxing to be around, too bad I’ve already given my heart to my savior. But if I ever need someone to cover it up, I’d want it to be her.

Avoid: Hibana, who does she think she is? Cocky little show-off- And she has the gall to act like she cares! I’m a man for gods sake, I don’t need to be taken care of! At least, not by the likes of her. (Note: Also because he’s self-destructive but we don’t need to talk about that.)

Character One:
Name: Beau Basu
Appearance: He’s a small 5’7 boy with pale tan skin with a very feminine figure. He has long curly platinum blond hair that he usually leaves out, making it look like he has a huge afro or a natural perm depending on if he’s brushed it out or not. He has blood red eyes with flecks of green in them. He usually wears white poncho’s, black or red short shorts with the other colored tights. (For example, black shorts with red tights.) Usually just wears black combat boots.
Personality: Beau has always been a child prodigy, he’s incredibly intelligent but due to this tends to be pretty bored or neutral towards everything. He’s incredibly curious but can be scarily stoic in his reactions to situations. He’s very firm in his beliefs and is incredibly genuine. He’s also incredibly forgiving and accepting of his and other’s faults, (he knows he doesn’t ‘human’ very well and would never force anyone to try to read him), to his detriment sometimes.
Anything Else: He’s very good with magic (which in his world is an incredibly difficult and dangerous science) and loves to use it, people close to him expect to be used as a guinea pig for his magical experiments. He’s also a hermaphrodite. (He has functioning male and female parts, but identifies as a male primarily. He was born with it.) He’s 16 years old, but has skipped several grades and is currently in college for a master’s in magical studies.

Character Two:
Name: Valerie Basu
Appearance: Valerie is a 5’10 human(?) with shoulder-length dark black hair and light green eyes. He has light brown skin. He usually wears a cat mask or other form of mask to hide his face as he doesn’t like being seen. He usually wears light pink turtleneck sweaters and jeans under a dark purple cloak. He always carries around a large oversized backpack filled with miscellaneous items.
Personality: Valerie is an enigma, he barely speaks unless it’s necessary or he’s selling his wares. He’s incredibly detached from humanity as a whole, but does his best to keep that side of himself in tact for the people he cares about. He’s very chill with everything and usually doesn’t get worked up over anything. He’ll do whatever he can to help the people he cares about.
Anything Else: Valerie is an interdimensional traveler who’s lived multiple lives through the power of reincarnation. He has seen many things over his travels and now functions as a merchant for eldritch abominations, protagonists in games, and super villains alike (he doesn’t discriminate). He has a ton of magical items stuffed into his bag, the bag itself is a magic item he got from his travels that can carry anything and everything. His cloak is also a magic item which allows him to teleport anywhere in the multiverse with a flick of it. He loves caramel and will happily accept it as currency for his many wares. He’s 21 years old.

Character Three
Name: Belle Basu
Appearance: Belle is a fit 5’7 girl with long platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes with green flecks in them. She usually wears her curly hair in a side ponytail or in twintails. She has larger hips then her bust, (I think that’s pear shaped but don’t quote me) and is generally very muscle heavy. Her clothes are usually sports jersey’s and gym shorts with an oversized and fluffy jacket overtop. She usually has headphones with cat ears on her at any given time.
Personality: She’s a very cheerful girl, but not the brightest bulb in the shed. She’s incredibly hopeful and always has a boundless stream of energy pouring out of her. She knows who she is and she isn’t afraid to show it. She’s incredibly confident but kind, she’ll stand up for just about anyone and expects the people around her to do the same. She’s always incredibly dedicated to whatever she does. She’s very talkative and reckless. She has a tendency to treat random strangers like they’re her best friends. She also has a hard time accepting help.
Anything Else: Belle is 16 years old and is her school’s star basketball player. That said, she barely makes good enough grades on her own to stay on the team. She owns an otamatone and knows how to play it scarily well. She’ll randomly crash at any time between 7 PM and 5 AM and will fall into a deep sleep where she lay.