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Hey! I’m not too sure if I can find the same girl you’re describing, but I would love to attempt this cover before accepting/denying, if that’s okay with you?


That is perfectly fine with me ^^


love it thank you




Working on requests this week! Sorry if I’m taking so long–I had a small cold, but I’m back now!







title: Crave

author: KateAnnee


images/ideas: I was thinking a dark cover. A sad girl (Black hair.) like a girl walking into the sea. Or some thing like these: jut ideas that could help you with the mood and type of cover im going for.
PNG PNG (please don’t use these, but use them as prompts if it’s possible, thank you.)


Callum Davidson craved one thing.

Layla Collins craved the same thing.

Someone to talk too.

Everyone around Layla were constantly putting on this mask and acting. She was fed up of it. She wanted something to change and fast.

extra: This is raising awareness about fake friends and today’s society. It isn’t published yet as I don’t have a cover yet. Thank you in advance!



title: Mixtape For The End of the World

author: epichorn31

subtitle: N/A

images/ideas: Must have Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie on the cover. Also, maybe some indication that it’s an 80s AU?

summary: Everyone has that one friend who thinks that they’ve seen an intergalactic cobra, right?

It’s the summer of 1986, and Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie just graduated from high school. All they want is to have a good time before all three of them go to separate colleges, but all of that changes when Gabe has a vision telling him everything that will happen in his life up until his untimely death. Pete and Brendon are initially skeptical, but then, Gabe’s visions start coming true.

Add in a pen pal from New Jersey, a singer who might be a little bit too ahead of his time, and the most adorable barista in the world, and Brendon, Gabe, and Pete are in for the summer of their lives.

extra: Thank you! :slight_smile:


@KateAnnee accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on Chapter 8. Let me know when payment is complete!

@epichorn31 I really love this idea, but I feel like I might have to attempt this cover first, which might take a while. Let me know if you’re willing to wait, though :slight_smile:




I can wait a little bit. Is it okay if I request elsewhere though, just in case your cover doesn’t work out?



title: The Chocolate Ducks

author: Rachel Angela

subtitle: n/a

images/ideas: so i really want both the band and the character of finley (played by hilarie burton) to be represented. one idea that i have is to have a photo of a band, kind of like the bottom portion of this promotional photo from the movie If I Stay and add in doodles of various things such as guitars, cameras, and just random doodles. that was one way i thought about combining the two characters.

with keeping the idea of adding on the doodles on top of the cover and around the title, you can also expand past my idea. the most important keys of the story are the following: new york city, fame, romance, photography, art, etc.

Additionally, I’m trying to keep the whole aesthetic of the story in a 70’s or 90’s vibe (even though the story doesn’t take place in the 70’s or 90’s). Here are some color palettes to spark inspiration and help you gain an understanding of what I’m talking about, haha: one, two, three.

summary: Finley had a plan. Grow up, go to law school, and join the family law firm. There was only one small problem - it wasn’t her plan. When her cousin offers a place to stay in the Big Apple instead of traveling all the way to Yale, she couldn’t help but grab the opportunity. New York City has a way about it, and so does a charming guitarist with a hot British accent. Finley knows one thing for sure: her future - and fifteen minutes of fame - is anything but predictable.

extra: thank you so much if you do accept, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information!


Hi Avery! Thank you for accepting me :smile: I have completed the payment. :blush:



title: Veil Between

author: S.K.Allen

subtitle: one queen might need another

images/ideas:the story revolves around Nina learning that her ancestor was a Valkyrie, so an image of two women with their backs facing each other. One a queen and another a warriror.

summary: Nina saw no damage in controlling a powerful Kingdom, doing what be done, but she didn’t suspect that someone would really be after her. Someone would want to be her and on the day, her life nearly ends. She is saved by a Valkyrie she now shares a soul with.

extra: if you need more details, I will provide them. I will begin writing this after nanowrimo if that’s alright, I will attempt to put up the first chapter if that helps.


These are lovely oh holy. The cover for Midnight is divine :black_heart:


<span style=“font-size:40px; text-align:center; color:#33ccff; font-family: b;”>F </span><span style=“font-size:25px; text-align:center; color:#ff6699; font-family: b”>O R M </span>

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title: Group Therapy

author: Serena Robbins

subtitle: n / a

images/ideas: alright , so my ideas are pretty simple , i think . this is a lighter story , so a lighter cover would be nice . for my first idea , i was thinking that you could maybe do a vector styled cover, with two people on the front , in front of a solid background ? i have some inspiration pictures for that . but my second cover idea is a simple cover , with a close up of a couple on the beach or by water ? i have some pictures you could probably use :
image image image image image image

summary: Penelope Clarke has her whole life in order. She was going to go to college and become a teacher. She was going to have two children and live in a nice, countryside house. And she was even going to marry the most wonderful man she’s ever met.

Until her fiancé was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died.

Mason Wood witnessed the person he cared about the most, die right in front of him. Turning to drugs for help, he felt as if all hope was lost.

When the two meet during unlikely circumstances, they’ll form an unlikely bond, even if the past threatens to tear them apart.

extra: the summary is still a work in progress lmao . thank you !!



@epichorn31 of course! thanks so much :slight_smile:

@ChangingFace @silverbells accepted! please complete a payment of 5-10 inline comments on 1201. Just click the link and the chapter would lead you to “12:01” (chapter name) and comment on that part. Let me know when payment is complete!

@ohthosequirks i’m sorry, but i’m going to have to deny since im not sure if i can do this cover. i hope you can find someone though!

@KristinJamesx thank you so much!




Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


@AverySummers of course! may come back to request for another story if that’s alright with you! thank you, i hope i can find someone as well.