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Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!



title: Radioactive

author: Queenie

subtitle: n/a

images/ideas: So, I really like the idea of something LIKE one of these (it doesn’t have to be either, can just be something similar in concept):

If you could find something with lightning and fire together, that would be sensational. Otherwise I’d really like something kinda dark and edgy. I don’t want a cover where it reveals too much of the characters face, as I prefer covers that don’t show what a main character looks like (I prefer to create them myself within the story and also get character art).

summary: After waking to the destruction of London, Nora finds that the survivors of a bomb have been split into three. Those unaffected, named Normies, those who gained powers, the Reavers and those that turned into twisted, horrifying monsters with a hunger for flesh called Furies.

extra: Nothing but my appreciation ^^"


Payment is done-diddly-done!


Hi, please don’t complete payment before accepting. It could either be the wrong payment or I might have to deny you (like even before you finish it, because I may/may not have to inspo). Doing payment also somewhat pressures me into accepting you, which means you might not get the quality graphic you want from your designers c: just to let you know for next time. I’ll be looking over your form in a bit!


Oh, sorry! Well, I’m not fussed either way. I have no problem with spreading a bit of love and helping fellow writers out anyway, so please don’t feel inclined to accept. Just be honest and lemme know if you can’t, I don’t mind, I’ll just go elsewhere :slight_smile:


Divider? Can you specify? Of course! :slight_smile:


accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on Chapter 9. Let me know when payment is complete!

and thank you! I really appreciate it c: it’s just that I’ve had people complain that they already did payment before I denied them (cause I was planning to, since I didn’t want to give them a bad cover), and then things got messy. I’m honestly sorry if I sounded rude–I wasn’t planning to. but thank you for responding! :heart:


im so sorry, but I’m going to have to deny. I’ve tried this cover but it doesn’t seem to come out the right way. I’m sorry for making you wait :frowning:


Okay, I am so so so so sorry but I THINK I might have skipped you on my queue. Just to clarify: You do still want the cover, right? :slight_smile:




Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


I totally understand! I’m not that kind of person but I understand there are people out there who would react like that! I don’t think you sounded rude at all!

I might struggle with doing 10-15 inline comments on one chapter if I’m completely honest and I’d rather not just leave comments like “wow” or “didn’t see that coming!” (if you get me), so I’ll probably leave comments on chapter 10 as well. Now heading off to complete payment.


I sort of just dropped that book, so no, I won’t be needing it. Thanks. :relaxed: You can keep the payment though.


I wouldn’t call it a divider per say, but something like whats in your story. So, a transparent gif banner. I suck at explaining.


oh my god! I LOVE ITT!!! thank you so muchh<3


Oh! I just noticed something! Will you be able to shift my name downwards a little so it’s not on the L? If not, then it’s okay! :smiley: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for making this beautiful cover :smile: though would it be possible for the writing to be bigger? Both the title and author?





title: The Betrayer

author: Jude Deveraux

subtitle: Forgive me father, for I have sinned

images/ideas: I LOVE YOUR COVER of Lucius. Literally gorgeous! I want a similar background that’s dark and foggy, with Austin Butler looking charming or deceiving. He’s a priest, so a very “Nun” aesthetic ( with smoke and a very dark catholic vibe (crosses, stained glass, other holy symbols) Him either standing in front of a gothic church like in the Nun picture, or maybe a stained glass window ( like this? but still fitting that dark grey/blue/black vibe like you have in Lucius.

summary: Origin story of a liar, traitor and the biggest villain in my series

extra: He has the ability to read minds/ get into people’s heads, so perhaps something to that effect if you can?Up to your creative abilities, but if you can’t that’s totalllyyyy fine



title: Midnight Dream Train

author: Tamia Daneille

subtitle: -

images/ideas: so i’d like something like the photo given (bisexual colors because my character is bisexual) with the text to be very glowy and dreamy looking. if you could add sort of trippiness or haziness to it (to represent dreaming), that would be lovely. there are aliens in this fic, if it helps.

summary: i dont have an official summary yet, but the main point is that there is a train that comes at midnight in someone’s dreams. the train is specifically for the dreamer - it holds and fulfills the dreamer’s innermost desires. timothy, the main character, falls asleep one night and “wakes up” on a train, filled with beautiful blues, pinks, and purples, and he searches out his innermost desire, one he never knew he had. love.

extra: thank you so much in advance! your covers are lovely :slight_smile:


Would you like me to attempt and then send you a preview?