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I’m sorry! I don’t think I can do that. I’ve tried and it doesn’t look at great ):


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@Vexful can you maybe find the colored image and send me the link? accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on Chapter 9. Let me know when payment is complete!

@MiaDaneille im so sorry, but im going to have to deny I’m not really good with this type of genre, sorry!


do you just offer covers?


Can’t seem to find the colored verison. Ima keep looking… will either one of these work in case I can’t?


@MoonlightHunter31 your cover is now a premade.


If you feel like that’s best. I don’t mind.



title: Little Grey Squares

author: Cameron Cicero

subtitle: N/A

images/ideas: Honestly you could go anywhere with it. It is a YA/Romance book, if that helps. Some grey tones would be nice to reference the title. It’s set in the Winter, too. The characters are in University. I’m in love with your example Charming Charlie covers, so something similar to those style wise would be so perfect!

summary: Wintenova Petrovsky hates lines. Not the ones you queue in, but the metaphorical ones. The unspoken boundaries that no one dares to cross. Especially when it comes to friendship. In the onslaught of her favorite snowy season, Wintenova finds herself toeing the line of uncertainty after an encounter with a mysterious boy. A book about getting lost in the blizzard-like haze that is the fuzzy grey area between just-friends and more.

extra: Just a big thank you!


It’s okay then! I reaaallllly love it anyway <3


okay! i understand. thank you :slight_smile:



title: Rising Tides

author: VMichelson

subtitle: n/a

images/ideas: Basically what I want is a girl with long platinum blonde hair. I still haven’t figured out other details so i’m open to any ideas. Something like these (possibly even one of them, i dont mind):

summary: I honestly haven’t got a summary figured out just yet, but it’s about a girl called ocean and how her life is turned upside down by an event (that i haven’t yet figured out either :laughing:)

extra: If it’s okay, i’d like to have my username at the top of the graphic and my full name, Vera Michelson, at the bottom. idk if that’s ok, depending on where you usually add your watermark. Thanks!



title: Alfar Bound

author: Timmarica Spellman

subtitle: n/a

images/ideas: The main character has a twin brother. MC is female, with dark red hair, brown eyes. She’s part Dryad, Alfar (Elf), and a shapeshifter (panther). Dryad and Alfar’s are faeries. So, you can play around with the ideas, I really don’t know what I want in particular. Something with her and a panther.

summary: A world where women are utmost respected. A soul caught between two kingdoms at war. Twenty-five year old Fae Zaeric, a strong-willed fairy and shapeshifter, is known as an abomination. Fae and her twin brother are constantly on the run until she turns the tables. Will she be the key to peace? Or will she meet her death at a young age?

extra: n/a

Thank you!!


Done with payment!


Well, I don’t offer them, but if you like, I can make something other than a cover for you. What do you have in mind?


yes! thank you!


@lacedpink @VMichelson @Timmarica accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on Chapter 9. Let me know when payment is complete!


hey! please complete the proper payment within a day so I can deliver your cover!


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