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title: Accidentally In Love
author: lilwavex
subtitle: It all started with one lie
images/ideas: It’s a romance/ teen fiction novel. So anything with a couple in love, all that. Maybe have the eiffel tower or the couple in the paris city. A male singer and a girl. Tbh, I want you to surprise me.
Anna Winters, a girl with only one big dream. To visit the city of romance, Paris. 18 year old Anna is on her way to Paris but her life turns completely around when her tour group leaves her behind in the dust. Being lost and alone was never part of the plan, until she met him…

Nathan Ford, is not your average young singer. At the age of 19, he had it all in the palm of his hands. The fame, the fortune, the millions of records being sold and every girl wanting him for themselves. A star? As if, he was a King. But what he truely wanted sometimes was to have a normal life, that’s when he met her…

By fate, Nathan and Anna had crossed paths. But a lie was how their friendship begun, Nathan hid his identity of a singer and became a whole new person, Adam. Could he finally have the two worlds which he hoped for? But 1 simple lie turns things around for the both of them, as it all began in Paris.
extra: I honestly love your covers, so I’ll let you do your work!

I’m honestly everywhere haha, you’re probably sick of me lol.



title: The Ascent to Everest
author: colourlessmo
images/ideas: Snowy mountains like Mount Everest on a sharp black and white colour scheme maybe or just a guy wearing earphones at a bus stop with dark colours or also a black and white colour scheme? (not particularly my first choice but maybe a black and white dark close up of a half japanese/ half white boy with dark hair)
summary: After discovering his father’s dead body at the age of eleven, Everest Kenta’s life completely transforms. His older brother can no longer tolerate his presence, he is rendered friendless and his state of mind, slowly yet surely, begins to deteriorate. The trauma of all of these things combined lead him to distance himself from reality. But as he establishes new friendships and understands what it means to care for other people, he must decide whether to open himself up or to remain alone on a miserable plane where no one can reach him.
extra: No block font please

Choice of payment: Adding your book to my reading list


Completed payment, I really enjoyed reading your book (:


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title:Hope & Faith
subtitle:Is it hopeless to have faith
images/ideas:I’m thinking of using a Black female model in their early twenties

summary:My mum would always tell my sister and I that “Don’t give up before the miracle happens” and that Faith is the substance of hope which I always thought ironic since my name is Hope and my younger sister is called Faith. How can I keep hopping for life when deadly disease is threatening to take the only person I have in this world. How can I have Faith when everyone I love always end up leaving me.
extra:the mood should be sad but with light colours


<span style=“font-size:20px; text-align:center; color:#33ccff; font-family: b;”>F </span><span style=“font-size:20px; text-align:center; color:#ff6699; font-family: b”> O R M </span>

title: Searching For Christian

author: T. A. McPherson

subtitle: He’s closer than you think

images/ideas: or Sweet Pea for the font if possible or something like it. Uppercase Times for the author and subtitle. If you use the black and white picture, fade the title a little bit. For the other, you can use solid white.

summary: Twelve years after the disappearance of her best friend, Yuriah Hurd is finally ready to uncover the truth about what happened to Christian. Unlike the other residents of Aspen, Georgia, Yuriah doesn’t believe that Christian ran away on his own.

With help from the lead detective on the case and a close friend, Yuri thinks she’s closer than ever to finding out the truth. But along the way she uncovers things she never knew about Aspen, the police department, her friends, and even her own family.

extra: Can you do two versions? One with each picture?


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