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That’s okay. Whatever font you think fits is good with me.


Payment is done


payment done on 12 01 and a follow :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m just curious how much longer I would have to wait for a cover? I requested 14 days ago :slight_smile:
I don’t mind waiting, at all, I know you have a queue and such and other things to go on and do, I’m just wondering because I don’t want to update my story anymore till I have a cover. Thanks ^^


And I do realise I requested twice, I didn’t even think to ask if this was an issue as you said yes both times ^^"




@AverySummers changed a few things around with my request. Could you take a look and let me knw if you can still accept it? (sorry, hardcore struggling with this character but I think I finally have him down!)


Gah, I’m so sorry! I must have not added the first one to the queue? Can you give me the post #?


sure! its 554! :slight_smile:
If you want you can scrap it and just focus on my second one instead? I think I more urgently need a cover for that one ^^"



title: The Do Over

author: Emily Lauran

subtitle: n/a unless you think one would look better with it

images/ideas: Okay I like the idea of having confetti bc new years etc but I think that I decided that the face claim is lily collins/someone who looks like her (literally the most basic person literally brown hair green eyes etc) bc I understand that sometimes celebrities suck at giving artsy photos

summary: Eloise Aldridge is tired of her old life with her lame friends, she’s ready for change and she’s ready for it now. In some twisted New Years Resolution, she breaks up with her boyfriend, leaves her friends, and sets out to start a new life in her last semester in high school. It’s only when she opens her eyes to life outside of being the popular new girl that she meets new friends and sets out to teach her old friend group a lesson.

extra: xx


@dramasi @esoteriic hey guys, payment was 5 inline comments on the chapter titled “12:01”, nothing else. please fix it before I make your cover, thanks! <3

@LaurenWalker601 gotcha. do you mind rerequesting the first cover again once I deliver then?

@caxhton accepted! please complete a payment of 5-10 inline comments on 1201. Just click the link and the chapter would lead you to “12:01” (chapter name) and comment on that part. Let me know when payment is complete!


Woah, what a difference. I’d actually have to attempt this one? If that’s okay?


That’s perfectly fine! :slight_smile:




Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


Do you make fanfic covers? Just wondering.


I changed the subtitle for my cover, I hope that is not a problem, it’s just on the original post.


No problem! Good timing, too. I was working on your cover now haha.


I do!


Hi there, this is really nice, thanks so much! Unfortunately, I think it’s a little bit too fantasy-like for my story. However, I’ll keep it as an alternative cover. I do love the colors a lot.

Thanks again!


I though it’d be a sci-fi feel haha. No problem :slight_smile: