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Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


I really, really like it. Thanks I will definitely be using it.


Sure ^^"
Does this mean I can expect to be getting this second cover sooner since I had to wait so long for the first? Don’t mind, just wanna know when I can upload my next chappy!


I’d say within 3 days, max? Haha, sorry it’s taking so long, I have tests to finish but then I’ll be free!



title: Soulmates Over Summer

author: cacoethes

subtitle: first date. first kiss. first love.

images/ideas: I don’t have any specific images but maybe ones that are focused more on a couple with a summer vibe, I don’t mind if the couple is on a beach or not etc. It just needs to be a very light teen fictionish cover that is bright etc. I would love something similar to your example covers such as “eleven seconds till sunrise” or “need me a freak like that”. preferably couples with dark hair etc. but i’m not fussed if they aren’t. Also maybe all lowercase could look cool?

summary: What if until you found your soulmate, you continue to relive the same experiences over again, just with different people?
First date, first kiss, first love.
Reliving the past must be pretty odd. Reliving the same summer, over and over, falling in love with completely different people each time… Well, that is even odder.

extra: could you please do one with and without the subtitle if that is okay? :slight_smile:



title: I Have Questions
author: Laura Ann Lee
images/ideas: I was thinking the cover could be like your cover “Group Therapy” but use one of these renders ( One Two Three Four Five ) but have the face completely smoothed out like in your cover. For the font, I’ll accept anything that fits with the cover, so no preference on that. You can add other things if it makes the cover look better; like small designs and whatnot.

summary: Jon has been wrestling behind Jenna’s back for three years now. The only reason he kept it a secret for so long is that he didn’t want to scare her away since that tends to happen a lot in his life. But he could be pushing her away by being sneaky and lying to her face.

extra: Could I request a simple gif banner for this book too, if you accept?


could you like maybee publish a graphic book on your account where you just display all of your gorgeous covers? Like honestly you’re so freaking talented I want to look at all of these deliveries but 600+ comments is too much, I’m too lazy for this :joy:


you mean like a graphic portfolio? tbhhhhhh I wanted to make a graphic book but was scared no one would request lmao
I actually have an album of covers you can look thru tho :eyes:


(Girl send me that link plz and thx) and seriously I think you should! Trust me, this thread is blowing up because of how good your graphics are. You’d have no problem with requests rolling in :joy:


here you go! and aww thanks so much! <3


I can’t format for shit many sryyss


title: Hell Hound
author: Demonix
subtitle: The fire will consume
images/ideas: something like this, with a red head guarding the portal/gate/ whatever to hell!
summary: Jazen is a hell hound who guards the gate between hell and this world. Something is trying to get out… something stronger then she’s ever had to face. But perhaps the biggest challenge will be battling the fires inside of her
extra: madelaine petsch is my face claim is that helps, but a girl with firey red hair facing away and towards the gate would be more then awesome too


holy heck… these are so good! I think Lucius is still my favorite though… that and Count Your Blessings!


hi @AverySummers I don’t mean to be rude or pushy, but it’s been 30 days since I requested a cover and I think I might have just gotten lost in the queue? :joy: it’s absolutely no problem and I can see how incredibly busy this thread is but if you wouldn’t mind looking at my original request when you have a second and letting me know? thank you and so sorry for any trouble I may have caused!


hey! I think a few posts later, I actually denied you… but you didn’t get the tag?


Nope I searched through 3 different times to make sure I hadn’t missed it :confused:


huh, that’s weird :confused: can you give me the post number? ill add you to my queue immediately and try it out tomorrow and hopefully see if I can do it! and I’m so sorry for this!


evening sun | open here you go! And it’s totally fine! Like I said, this thread is so crazy busy and your work is amazing and worth waiting for. I hope you don’t mind I edited the idea section a little bit because it’s been a month and my ideas have changed, but I think it’s a lot more clear and distinct now!


thanks so much! and ooh interesting ideas! ill see what I can do! :heart:


hi , sorry about this. I read it different thought you meant five comments on your book 12:01. I wrote seven comments on different chapters . just went back to it and did the five inline comments on chapter titled 1201.Thanks


thanks so much! sorry if I caused confusion :heart: