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:joy: thanks so much for understanding


would something like this be okay?


Maybe a different font.


Should I try all the fonts you gave me so you can compare?


If you don’t mind? >.<


Of course! :blush:


Do you mind if I do it tomorrow though? It’s a bit late here.


I don’t mind.


Omg wow so I really like it!! I lovee the picture and the textures and all that! Would you be able to add the catholic church aesthetics in there? I was thinking maybe a stained glass window in the back I really like this one and this one and this other one if you absolutely need it, but that last design isn’t my favorite! I was thinking maybe you could cut out the back part
(The part behind Austin bc I suck at explaining) and replacing that and fitting in the stained glass. And then with the textures and filters you have on it I think it would look really cool!

I also really like this cover, and maybe adding a cross instead of the T in Betrayer? Or whatever looks good?

And then the last idea I have is to add a rosary to the picture somewhere… maybe around his neck if you could edit it right? I’m just thinking of ways to make it more “dark, gothic catholic haunted” vibes, but I absolutely love it so far!


I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS IDEA. okay let me try though cause I honestly have no guarantees haha. :joy:


let me know if you want more varieties.


Could I see more? I’m so sorry!


it’s fine haha :DD are you looking for a cursive type or?


this work?


The last one is perfect!


The glass one?






Please make sure to give credit in the summary (or wherever you’re going to place it), and to claim your banner within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


Thank you so much!


No problem! :slight_smile: