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Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


It’s okay, I know you tried your best and it was a difficult request. I’ll just request later on (and by that I probs mean in a few days when I get another idea) so I appreciate the time and effort


:slight_smile: thanks. the next few requests (at least 3-5) will be free. I’m really sorry for everything.


You’re such a gem. I appreciate how kind and sweet you’ve been, and your covers are amazing. Thank you!




Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


Hey is thread hopping fine?


Yes! But please make sure that the other person is okay with it.


Ok thank you! I’ll request soon :slight_smile:



title: Brown Haired Thief
author: Elliot Am
images/ideas: Just a girl with brown hair( I really loves your Black eye and charming charlie cover but I really would love something like Black eye)
Capture (this is my cover atm)
summary:“When life doesn’t give you lemons, just steal them.”

Raine Vierra stole to survive. Moving to a new town she wanted to stay low-key to hide the ugly truths of her past, but her life alters the day she steals a stone from the Wilkinson’s.

Meeting potential criminals or messing up with them was not something of her concern. It changed the day when Sky Wilkinson, Exhart High’s very own bad boy, hit her with a football.
With Sky and his best friends in her life, she could only do so much to hide from her past.

It’s true when they say “One truth can change it all.” And only one truth is what lies between them too.
Lies, betrayals, heartbreaks, cheaters, troublemakers, new relationships and a lot more is on the ride to finding the truth.

extra: dark mood maybe? Thank you and have agreat day :slight_smile:


OMG ITS GORGEOUS! It literally almost made me tear up holy omgggggggg its literal perfection stop thank you so so so so much you did amazing!



title: The Cursed Lamb
author: Lindsey Ussery
subtitle: Upon her final breath
images/ideas: Dark colors, it is a dark story. I was thinking something like this:


Except a snowy/frozen dark forest in the background and the one holding the sword is a fierce looking man in his mid or later twenties with dark blue eyes and dark auburn hair and the other half of the face in the reflection of the sword is an innocent looking girl with light blue eyes and straight red hair. Or it could be reversed and the girl is the one holding the sword and in the reflection is a dark auburn colored wolf. That was just my idea but I’m open to anything, really.

SUMMARY: Being thrown to the wolves is a death sentence. Adalia knows this all too well, as she is a slave in a kingdom full of cruel royals. When she is accused of a crime she committed out of moral, she is punished. Her sentence? Being thrown to the wolves. But things aren’t all as they seem in a world oblivious to the hidden creatures around them.

extra: Genre is Fantasy/Werewolf. I love manipulated covers and I’m open to any other idea, that was just mine.


<span style=“font-size:20px; text-align:center; color:#33ccff; font-family: b;”>F </span><span style=“font-size:20px; text-align:center; color:#ff6699; font-family: b”> O R M </span>

title: Fireburnt
author: Heena Patwa
subtitle: The Starlite Heart Book 2
images/ideas: a) the human looks at the sky as the girl flies away with the air prince. (Just silhouettes)
Or if that is too complex b) snow and fire each covering half of the image and a burning title on it
summary: The prince of the air kingdom (represented by snow) & the prince of the earth (human) kingdom (represented by fire) are fighting for a girl. In this part she chooses the air prince.
extra: Please include fire imagery/flames/ or red-yellow theme. Anything representing fire.




Please make sure to give credit in the summary, and to claim your cover within 3 days! Thanks for requesting!


ahhh no problem! I’m so glad you like it! don’t forget credit in the summary! :heart:


@iluleeoppa accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on Chapter 9. Let me know when payment is complete!

@LittleLindsey @ilike2write hey! I would both like to attempt your covers. yet this would take a while, since I have a pretty full queue. it’s your choice to wait, but I know some other graphic designers don’t allow thread hopping. still, let me know!


Completed! I am kind of intrigued and would read it:)
Thank you!!


Thank you for at least being willing to attempt! I think I’d be willing to wait because I’m not in a rush :slight_smile:


Oh my Gosh I love it so much!! Sorry I’m replying so late. Do you mind if I ask for a minor edit? I’d love if you could make the title bigger! It’s fine if you can’t :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


I can’t do that now that the file is gone. I’m sorry! ): And it’s fine!


Thank you so much! For responding too, haha. I’ll add you to the queue now!