So, I'm a writer and reader...but have no clue what I'm doing!



Just trying to figure things out… Not sure how to gain readers and not sure how this “community” thing works!


Well to get reads I suggest just being active and uploading regularly! there is an amazing thread on it: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

This community is just a place to hangout, ask questions, meet people, and chat about goings on!


Thank you!


Your welcome! You should also check out the threads for whatever genre you write in #genre-clubs . They can be so amazing to connect with similar readers and writers!


Do you have any questions on how to use the clubs? :slight_smile:

As far as gaining readers:

  • *Market your story off Wattpad

Use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even YouTube if you wish. There are plenty of readers who use social media and would be able to see your story. On here, if you don’t market it, people can’t see it. You can also find people who will give your story a shout-out and this can be very useful.

  • Market your story on here through subtle ways

One of the best ways to get noticed is by being active through the clubs. Make friends, join in conversations, play games, all that jazz. But it’s always about being active and making friends. You can advertise your story in subtle ways by simply helping people out and using your story as an example. For instance:

Person: How do you write a descriptive scene about a room?

You: It depends on the room and reasons why you want it to be descriptive. These are some reasons to be descriptive, and some ways to go around it. This is how I describe my rooms: …

Having people see examples of your story can grab some readers because they might see it and be like, “That’s interesting.” So they may go look at your work.

You can also play games, like rating and critiquing games, to help as well.

  • Get critics

Critics not only help you with your story, but they may also enjoy it and decide to stick around. The majority of my readers are from critics I used to have.

  • Use book clubs, contests, and more

You can join a book club or create one, get into a contest or create one. Overall, these things help get your name out there and can also bring more people over to your profile.

  • Use the SYS threads

You can also use the Share Your Story threads. They may not bring in many readers, but it can help.

  • Tag your story

Make sure your story is relevantly tagged. Use genres, themes, possible tropes or other keywords to describe your story.

  • Have a consistent schedule

Many readers prefer reading completed stories just in case the author decides to vanish randomly or because the author deleted it—otherwise, the reader got invested into an unfinished story. But they may consider reading your story more if it has a consistent schedule. You can update it once a week, twice a week, or once every two weeks. Those are the more common schedules, and the ones that are acceptable among most readers and writers.

  • Make sure your story is at its best

And the best way to get readers is to make sure your story looks as professional as it can be. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but at least decent. So make sure your story has a great title, cover, summary, and make sure the story is revised as best as it can be.


Be incredibly active in the threads, using the ones that allow you to share excerpts or talk about your book to your advantage. Add your wattpad profile link to your profile here so when you peak someones interest, they can easily find you and your books.


Thank you! I look at all the conversations and get overwhelmed…not sure which ones would suit me better.


What do you enjoy writing? Start in that genre thread and reply to every conversation you have an opinion on.

Remember that a lot of these conversations are also with new member’s struggling with the same things you are, so keep an eye out for conversations that involve the same worries you are having.

Rate The (title, excerpt, blurb) are good ones to get small amounts of feedback.

Critics and reviewers are a great way to get input on your stories, so check out ‘story services’

Genre clubs are a good way to connect to writer’s who write in the same genre as you and have some good threads that allow you to talk about your character’s, share your book covers, and share excerpts of your work.

The ‘story request’ section in ‘share your story’ is a great way to advertise your book when it fits what they’re looking for. I’ve gotten quite a few readers from that.

Cafe is an awesome place to mingle and there are a lot of threads where you can talk about the things you enjoy.

Just join on in, be friendly and be active enough where people will start to remember you.


After checking out your book, may I give you more personal advice that may help you gain readers?


You are amazing @oliviarose85 Thank you so much!


I will take that as a ‘yes’.

Currently, you have an image as a cover. I strongly recommend getting a genuine looking book cover made.

A prologue is a scene that doesn’t fall into the timeline the book follows, either from the past or the future, that becomes important during the course of the book. Your prologue appears to be just backstory, an info dump, that causes many readers to leave a book. Most of this info you can share as part of the story in earlier chapters.

I will start off by saying that the writing itself is actually pretty good. You keep a good pace. It does need a little more description, but overall it’s an easy and enjoyable read.

One thing I noticed very quickly is that every single piece of dialog from the first chapter had a dialog tag, and a wide variety of them. This quickly takes the attention away from the dialog itself. It didn’t take long before I only saw tags instead of the dialog.

It was pretty much the same thing in the second chapter. Every piece of dialog but one had a tag.

If you showed your character’s actions/reactions in place of some of the tags, it will help to add the description that the scenes need while also helping to cut out a lot of the tags.

Another issue was probably the biggest issue of all. In order for your book to become more easily visible to readers is climbing the rank. As your reads and votes increase, you climb the ladder in searches. Every part of your book has potential to gain an extra read and vote from a reader.

The problem? All your chapters appear to be in one part. That means that if you had fifteen chapters in fifteen parts, the same reader could give fifteen reads and fifteen votes. But since all your chapters are in one part, you can only gain one read and one vote from that same reader, which will make climbing the ladder incredibly difficult.

And not just that, but it makes it harder for a reader to find where they left off when it’s all on the same part and when there are a lot of words in one part, it can make that part more difficult to load on certain devices.


Ok, I see what you’re saying. I was wondering about the “part” option. So, I should only use 1 part, per chapter? And as for the tags, I only used so many because of multiple characters but something I will work on! Thanks a bunch!


Should I just delete my story from here?


Correct. Each chapter should be in a different part. Having them all in one is cheating yourself out of reads and votes and makes it more difficult for the reader.

I’ll give you an example of how you can cut down on tags, that way you can rely on ‘said’ more often without it feeling repetitive. When not using ‘said’, try to keep the tag more simple.

“So, what happened?” Rachel asked as she entered the room. “What did I miss?”

“Nothing,” Sara told her.

"Just a call from a telemarketer, " Meagan added. “I was so bored that I talked to them for like half an hour.”

To break up the tags, show Sara is the one talking rather than telling the reader.

Sara’s eyes didn’t leave the television as she continued skimming through the channels. “Nothing.”

I would recommend letting your character’s trinkle in slowly. These are a lot of character’s to get hit with right off the bat, which is one of things recommended against doing on just about every site dedicated to how to right a great first chapter.


Don’t delete. Just copy tge second chapter and paste it into the next part, then delete. Do this until all your chapters have their own part.