So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


I need a few laughs here and there.

Are there any scenarios in your books/novels where a certain part of the story could be taken out of context if it was just said without any explanation as to why a certain character did that?


I have a character who punted another character into the abyss.

That same punted character was also set on fire. He didn’t care though, he just looked at everyone. This is fine.


My character met a giant bone mech with a sniper rifle pistol that she’s pretty sure is her wife.


Puberty wouldn’t give my main character the time of day until she slew her mother.

My main character tried to reason with a tree trespassing within a tower.

A supporting character drove my main character’s naked and unconscious body in a hoverbike through two densely-populated cities on the way to a shelter without giving a damn.


Wait what? :joy:

This one is my favorite so far lmao!


Gally lends Aurin her gun which she named Joe.


I have no idea what that means but for some reason I feel like I can relate :joy::joy::joy:


I mean what else would the gun be named


Argonnel, a necromancer practising dark magic and shadow mimicry, fights demons and ghosts,…gets easily jumpscared when anyone greets him from behind


Aaron, lover of animals, hates cows.


He was once kissed by one





My main character travelled the time stream with a demon that had taken the form of Elvis Presley. Later, that same demon gave my MC Jim Morrison’s lost night mist blue Shelby GT500…

In a different story, my MC tossed a prickly fruit into the gaping maw of a juvenile tardibear after killing a two headed pig with an arrow on the banks of a river of acid…


Dmitri(male lead) horribly breaks his femur and Greta(female lead) had to align it back in place (painfully). An innocent character comes in during this procedure unprepared while Dmitri’s pants was off and Greta leaning, spreading, and pressing his good leg down to keep him from squirming.


That’s BAD


I think I just went on a literary acid trip…And I’m very glad i did


Not exactly out of context, more seemingly out of context do to the hyper-contextualization of everything else.

If each chapter is about “finding identity/exploring the self” a chapter devoted exclusively to the delirium of “hitting your head” can seem out of context.

And the “War Dog” arc revolving around recovering robot scrap parts for fighting “individual justice” trials by combat, seems out of context do to the rest of the work being “Isekai”.


ML throws a big ass Encyclopedia at another character for backlashing Barney in front of a child

A djinn is summoned but the summoner had no place to trap it in so he improvised and used a teddy bear. Imagine a teddy bear walking around, going to a casino, with its group of human buddies, the buddies are annoyed with him, and miraculously winning the lottery


Just imagine being that one guy who comes in and you thought they are doing something else because of how awkwardly positioned they are. :joy:

“Oops, sorry to disturb you—“

“I need your help to keep him down, damnit!”


Ok that honestly sounds like a great setup


One of my fave moments was when she threw a giant spider/centipede at a dude who had just been thrown into the middle of a river.

She is currently following an eel through a bunch of caves, accompanied by the person who tried to kill her childhood best friend/love of her life with metal claws the night before.