So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Holy shit your right. How did I forget that.


Ye have so little faith. :joy:


He a sexy boi
@Fallintsel stahp, yer breaking tha law




He gets beat up a little bit but he’ll be fiiiiiine.


Are you sure about that?


In the story he is from, being so hot to the point that your distract people too much can give you a higher chance of being persecuted as witch… which he always had been.

But then again, he’s already technically dead.


I mean, maybe? Possibly? He gets a lecture from my MC so… he might not make it through that, but he should survive the Elves with her help. Maybe.


@Fallintsel look at what you did! Now I got “Sexy back” repeating in my head. It won’t stop ;-;


I’m sorry. ;w;


Wait he’s dead?


No your not.


He better


Nah. He just doesn’t breathe.

Choking him won’t kill him.


I angry at you
U ruin me mind


Oooooohhhhhh how convenient


He’ll be fiiiine.
He bounces back.


Why did he get kidnapped in the first place. He should have been careful. Stoopid bugger


Also lacking heartbeat, can’t feel sexual attraction, and can’t make babies because he’s infertile. :U


Then how will he get a heir
And also…WTF @Fallintsel