So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Because he’s not careful. He’s the “imp” of the bunch. XD


That imp is going to get kicked. The stoopid bugger


I mean, yes? XD He does get kicked.


Can he do adoption?


How many times?


And YET! You make him look sexy


He can’t. He’s a Cambion(thus the title of the story he comes from). They can’t reproduce because they are hybrids and lack souls to make make life possible.

But hey, at least he has OP abilities.


Why… why you do dis?.. he an innocent boi… u make him look sexy… but he not getting children…not turning grandma…grandpa


A couple of times by the brother. And he gets punched. But really the Daughter wanted to rebel soooo… whose really at fault here?

cough he is cough




I kind of wanna feel sorry for him but at the same time…


He’s a man with an appearance closest to human perfection, as I would quote the narrator in the book.

Dmitri gets in a lot of forms of unwanted sexual harassment in the series. Greta often had to point certain things out to him that it’s not okay to let those slide.


Eh?.. then how…is he surviving on magic


Don’t be. He deserves it. He stoopid imp


Ohhhhhhhh I remember you told me this


Yep. His entire life force is dependent on magic energy. If he uses too much, he would also start to feel weakened, but like a dying person.


:joy: Well he’s actually a Warlock but he has a mischievous side to him that gets him in trouble a lot.


Damn man he needs to be careful


I can see that XD


Dmitri is an innocent boi. ;w;

He actually wants to have kids though. Not a possibility with him.