So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Can’t he adopt?!


Like… find a kid on the streets and adopt them.


Yo @Fallintsel please make ma boi happy ;-; or else I will cry


Not as bad as the narrator.

The narrator is a Cambion who’s half an incubus. Like Dmitri, he is good-looking and somewhat just as powerful. The only drawback is, if he uses too much magic, he would start to feel very lustful. He has to refill his magical energy through intercourse(or minimum, kissing).


He will get his happy ending. ;w;

I promise.


Too risky.

He’s a wanted man.


I don’t like this narrator


Awww ;-;


Thank u


He doesn’t really do much in the story but talk about Dmitri, so don’t worry, haha.


Whew! Thank god


“Is it normal for an earthling to never mate? From a quick scan of your brain and body, I find out that you’re forty-four but still a virgin.”

Says the parasitic alien in the zombie MC’s body.

Not long before that, the parasitic alien has just bragged about its talent in sculpting. It sculpted rock-hard pecs and six-pack abs.


What the…


Gotta love getting your love life criticized by an extraterrestrial life for me.

Following an incident of astral peeping tomfoolery:

“You’ve seen me in swim trunks before. It’s not really that different. Well, I mean, it is. You were a ghost or whatever and you broke into my house, but it’s kind of the same?”


The main villain is now puking up black demon gunk into a bucket after almost choking on it.

One MC, a mother, killed her kid. The same character also killed people and went. Did what had to do

Another character goes to sleep. The next morning his ‘love interest’ is in his bed.

There’s context to all this i swear


It was only after a man gave a wild beast the very degrading name of “Madcow” that the wild beast decided that maybe it was time to stop behaving like a wild beast.

My main character proudly hung a bloody jacket with a bullet hole above her bed.

My supporting character saved another character’s life by gouging out her eye and eating it.


My main character fell out of the sky, got impaled on a tree trunk, proceeded to get arrested by the RCMP, broke out of prison, and then beat up some gangster wannabe’s in the span of two hours, before being picked up by the US military to return home.


I have no words for this. :joy:


My MC had a conversation with the land before she decided to murder people


MC watches a vampire discuss chafing dishes and pants hems in depth

MC is asked by three people jokingly but also 100% seriously if there is a dead body in the house

A werebear attempts to convince MC he turns into a koala bear on the new moon and a panda on the half moons