So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Screw human consent, just talk to the non-living landmass instead.


Haha she’s a necromancer so the land was full of angry spirits.


This sounds like a slice of life anime opening


Its unpublished but I have a character who works as a sushi chef about midpoint and he tries to convince his coworker he can’t make the man at table 8 sashimi because “The fish told him it didn’t wanna be that mans sashimi and it had feelings and they should respect it.” and it went on for an hour before his boss said ‘go home and sleep wtf.’


My MC just witness someone fall from a vent onto her ex-boyfriend, and is upset he wasn’t shot in the head instead.


My MC had to solve a riddle given to her by a living hill.


My character intentionally willed herself into a coma and ended up discovering ancient secrets of the universe, after which she threw up in the toilet because her waffles tasted funny.


My main characters once had no other way to get back to their companions than by climbing from tree crown to tree crown. And then later realized that they probably could’ve walked all along.

The same main characters also later set a forest on fire. And one of them got temporarily snapped out of a magic-induced fade by walking under a waterfall and getting splashed in the face.

Y’know, everyday occurrences.


I’m currently working out a plotline where I turn my MC’s cat into the sci-fi equivalent of an immortal cat goddess who has a symbiotic relationship with a sentient telepathic fungus-like…thing.


You could have thought of something better


MC uses chapstick, ketchup packets and blood to summon a demon.


I’m guessing the demon is a toddler with dehydrated lips.


I knew those things were used for evil


You underestimate the power of Pink Lemonade flavored Lipsmacker, friend.

It’s the truth. That high fructose corn syrup is the literal devil.


Mix that with feathers.


Girl threatens MC to plant him so she can nurture him forever


MC just accused the owner of a failing slaughterhouse of political conspiracy.


(Working on a screenwriting outline, but nonetheless)

My MC’s former best friend just fired an arrow at her so she could get into a fistfight with the princess.


Dryads are soooo dramatic.


Elena at certain point has a secret meeting between her, two ex-CIA agent, one ex-important North Korean Politician, her Physics Teacher and an ex-important South Korean Politician

They are all planning how to bring down the World’s government