So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Gadrien YEETS a smart car through a computer store window using his powers. c:


I was really fine before I read “physics teacher”. WTH are they doing there?! They sound so out of place XD


How…the hell?


LONG story

At this point they are all fugitives, coincidences lead to those two being important rebellion members, along with ex-governments and the Governor of France

Life can lead to crazy stuff sometimes


In this case, no. No it cannot. WTH. How the hell did she find ex-government officials? I barely find a perfect toothbrush for myself


Any and all government from the Old World was destroyed, so any survivors went fugitive under the New Government. This includes law enforcement, politicians, etc. except obviously for those who decided to collaborate

Elena joined a rebel group in Chile, that was being lead by, between other people, two of her teachers (One of them died though)

After this, they prove themselves to be more efficient as a rebellion than other attemps until now (Not at first though, but they get better before that ends them)

They end up extending their reach to Argentina, and at this point, suddenly the whole world is watching the little countries who try to fight against the much-more-powerful Global Authority

Ansel, the Governor of France, sees this as perfect, as it follows his plan

People around the world try to follow their example for helping them, though it’s not as efficient everywhere (cof cof Mass killings of London)

At this point the Authority was very desperate because, while a single rebel group should be easy to defeat, this ones are using advanced tactics (Spoiler, they found ex-Chilean military, those are easier to find), and they were inciting rebellion everywhere

But, the rebels commit a mistake, they kidnap the Chilean Governor and the South American Intendent, expecting to bargain with the Authority

It results in the utter destruction of the rebel group and the dead of Governor Gabriel

Secret radio frequencies used by the rebellion indicate a safe area on Bolivia where survivors could run away to (While it could be a trap, the Authority prefers direct approach, ao it’s doubtful)

Once in Bolivia, they meet with Ansel, which explains his intentions of uniting the rebellion across the globle, they also meet the two CIA agents here, which are of the few CIA agents left

With all of this context, I guess the rest of the story tells itself, they travel to Korea at some point and there they find ex-government members, there is really not much difference between the South and North today

As to how the rebellion could get the fugitives, well, it’s self-explicatory, when the rebellion was gaining more and more followers, the fugitives saw a chance to get out their situation and do something else than run away


Sorry for the over explanation, but it really is nonsensical without a lot of context


I take everything back, this IS crazy


But is it good? I’m nervous about if I’m doing it right


Seems fine to me. As far as I know all rebellions are super crazy so you basically cleared up my confusion of why the physics teacher is involved. RIP the other teacher ;-;


Also the fact that this is not the first time their doing a rebellion makes me feel like…you’re driving a car off a cliff and successfully landing on a platform…


During Year 1 and 2 (2016 and 2017 by the Old Calendar) there were rebel groups everywhere, but they were unorganized, mostly stupid teenagers and some also stupid adults playing the rebel role. The Authority considered this and they efficiently ended them. Most people werent stupid enough to resist after seeing the amount of destruction caused by The Change

But, as of Year 4 rebellion was unheard of, so yes, they basically said “We can do this right THIS TIME!” and somehow it worked

Then they realized that the Authority doesnt really care about their own members…

Fortunaly, Ansel the traitor was here to help!


Holy sweat macaroni that was miraculously crazy. If Ansel wasn’t there the whole rebellion would have flunked and they’d all end up like year 1 and year 2.


MC accidentally kills her parents


That’s bad


But are they her parents?




With the power of friendship- I MEAN the power of magnekinesis? :smiley:


New MC being introduced, Raya, is currently going to toe-to-toe with Frame mechas fifteen feet taller than she is. Luckily, she has jump-jets and armor piercing ammunition.


A girl’s real best friend.