So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Protagonist talks to a friend from another country. The friend says his friend recently died and he will have to feast on his friend’s body(aka cannibalism).

Protagonist is naturally disgusted.

Few moments later friend says he also eats lions. Protagonist disgusted as usual, but then proceeds to say he eats bears and wolves. Friend becomes disgusted.

Another character comes in is also disgusted at both of them and says he doesn’t eat meat.

Bother the protagonist and friend looked at him in horror as if they were saying, ”How the heck are you alive?”


Necromancer is practicing raising an army of the undead. His assistant is about to eat a nice chicken dinner. Said dinner gets rezed. Jokes about poultry-geists ensue.


Let’s see my main character just got harassed by another girl (who’s eyes turned gold) as she was violently throwing up and dying. Oh and her boyfriend is now trying to kill her.

In my other book my MC just got a sweatshirt from some transfer student who she hasn’t seen in like seven years.

And last one my MC just discovered mutant rats in his dorms and after seeing a scale on his arm he get’s told from some British brat that they are all going to die from this infection. Oh and their old school nurse jumps out of a window after she turned into some weird mutated zombie.


basically “hey I’m vegan”


For cultural purposes. :U

All of these characters come from different backgrounds. Cannibalism is normal to Datu(eating corpses of your deceased relative/friend before burning their bones etc.), Dmitri has eaten wolves before. Ratesh(aka vegan guy) considers hurting or eating animals as horrible because they aren’t aware of human logic. Hurting other humans is still okay though, rip.


But would Datu eat himself


No. He’s a chieftain. It’s looked down upon to eat a leader/someone in higher power. People will find that horrible to do even if he still does it.


But if he weren’t a leader…?


Still a bad practice.


idk i’d monch on my own arm


I’d post more out-of-context moments but almost all of my characters moments are in-context

Idk how about when Aurin makes a fountain into a home-made steam bomb using the energy given off by sixty slot machines?


Competition over meat XD that last dude tho, he ain’t getting sugar from me.




You know… Datu is one disgusting monstrosity


… is it bad I used to chew on my own finger cos “it was squishy”?


I wish I had that power


Necromancer doesn’t want to be called “mother”, continues to act like one.

ML sits with one leg over the other
Every creep: “slut”

Aesthete: slips on a smooth rock and falls into river
Zen: comes to rescue her but ALSO slips on the same smooth rock and falls into river
Argo (mother): rescues both of them


My main character uses two buckets of water as a weapon against an officer that has way better fight skills and that can use magic… And the mc wins.




Nah, it’s cultural difference. He’s actually a really sweet guy. Hardly hurts anyone. He’s not afraid to admit he eats humans.

Dmitri was mean to some people once, he threatened them by saying, “If you don’t tell me what that is, my friend over here will eat you.”

Of course, Datu doesn’t like it because he doesn’t just randomly eat people. That’s weird to him. :joy: