So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)




He does!


He’s secretly an assassin too.

… And he can pole dance… And do the splits… and move in really weird ways.


longer gasp oHMa gawd


@Fallintsel stahp you’re going to kill me


He actually does it once in the book. Dmitri was so confused because he left his flag standing firmly on the ground and Ratesh just went at it while everyone else is too busy not watching him. :joy:


Oh ma gawd! I can’t stop thinking about it! Oh noOOOOO
I’m going to go look at some more pole dancing videos. Oh ma gawd


What does Ratesh look like?


Watch the one where some guy plays a trumpet while pole dancing. :joy:


Holy shit XD


@Fallintsel I’m not strong enough! Why did you tell me that :joy:


Dang what are you writing lol


A masterpiece!


True. Any magnum opus is incomplete without a pole dance


That Time Grey Got Diarrhea:

“And that is why I will never have a torta from a street vendor again.” Grey’s voice came into earshot, followed by Azeris and Elric.

"That was truly disgusting," Azeris said.

“It would have cost you nothing to not have shared that story with us.” Elric sighed. “Now it’s too late. That time is long gone.”


I can’t get a picture of him right now, it’s in my computer, haha.

He is a well-built man known for his very unusual appearance. He has dark skin, bright amber eyes. Because of the culture he’s from, he wears a bit of eyeliner that symbolizes his status as a prince. He also especially know for his black straight hair that’s often tied in a messy high ponytail. His hair also has strange highlights which made them look like they are burning.

He looks really freaky during the night time, because he’s completely camouflaged except for his really freaky bright eyes and fire highlights.


I’m sorry lol.


I am writing a drama-based high fantasy story!

It’s very dramatic!


A story about a male lead who can’t distinguish the difference between left and right.


Say no more