So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


A family reunion

Leouch leaned in near the glass and stared blankly at them. One came closer than the rest opening its cheek to cheek split lips. Its jaw fell limply against the neck. The teeth and tongue were black and dry. It growled squishing its head against its sharp boney shoulders. He could hear the crack of dried dead bones rubbing against each other.


Dramatic pole dancing! Yay


spooky :fearful:


I would love to see him on a pole! Someone should draw that


What… the… hell


Thank you


Grey’s Got Game, Season 3:

“So… I know Iblis introduced us, but I figure… Y’know, since we’re going to be working together, it would probably benefit us both if we got to know each other.” Grey gave her his best attempt at a trusting smile. “I uh… I like your hair clip.”

“Thanks?” Risa responded, confusedly.


Navigationally Challenged Male Lead! Excessively Prodigal Female Lead! A Non-Talking Plushie Who’s The Voice Of Reason! A Drama Queen Prince! The Man People Want To Protecc But is Actually the Antagonist! Soldier With Mommy Issues!


At least that’s a compliment


One day, I shall. :joy:

Once the webtoon comes.



Now that I actually see it…

This book seriously is just about two characters with a bunch of daddy issues. :thinking:


Holy cow!


It’s always the daddy issues


You know, I wanna read your story. What’s the name?


It’s called Cambion. :’D


Coming soon~

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Great cover man


Daddy issues 4ever


Thank you very much!