So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


Ooooooh that looks good



I’m actually trying to finish up making character cards for the series. I plan to to do all the important characters from the book!



So, I was thinking about what should I add to this thread. Not much is out of context but here goes:
Mc kills a naked girl in the forest
Same mc kills a woman because she was trying to put him to sleep (he’s not a misogynist, I swear)
Female mc hugs main villain, who then runs away
Main villain kills a lot of people because daddy issues 4ever


errbody getting killed out here


Lol. The non killy parts are not as funny lmao


Holy shit! That looks so pretty! Wow man! You’re really good!


You drew it?


i like dis, is sexy mens




Dmitri gets forced by Greta to flirt with a group of girls so that they can get more information about a certain person.

He backs out and ends up whining how he feels to embarrassed to do something like that.

… Despite being dubbed as one of the handsomest in the land.




Should I attempt a comic at some point @Fallintsel? What do you think


Appropriate reaction


Is both Dmitri.

Smol Dmitri on the bottom.

Big boi Dmitri on the top.


Dang man you artist!


You should! Really!


Es so hard tho :frowning:


:sob:Thank you very much!


I kno brotha


just writing is hard enough