So, My MC Just Armwrestled With A Polar Bear... (Your Novel’s Out of Context Moments Discussion)


He mostly just finds them really disgusting.

Fear when they start to move.


Damn ma cat would cripple that pesky boi


That’s ok


They are


I wish I could share all these memes I made of my own characters.

This is literally how I spend my life than actually editing my grammar.



one ting at a time i guess


You made your own memes! XD someday, someone else would make them. dreamy sigh


Baby steps


The first meme I posted was actually made by a friend, I actually died laughing. :joy:

My own memes aren’t up to that standard.


Your friend is going to heaven


My character had sex with the Elven Chiefs daughter and now he’s been kidnapped. So ofc my MCs are left to pick up the pieces to get him back.


Lol. He in trouble


:joy::joy: He’s currently tied up to a chair and being held prisoner.


How Dmitri is depicted according to the narrator and everyone else in the story.


How he actually is.



He gonna get murdered


How dare you draw him sexy
I’m calling the police


Let’s all remind ourselves that this is the same guy.


Here’s to hoping that they can save their “friend” in time before that happens! XD


It’ll be too late! XD


When the story literally revolves about him being illegal to be that fine.