So My Thread Got Shut Down (For No Good Reason)




Hello, guys! I’m assuming some of you might’ve made your way over here from the currently shutdown Evolution Debate thread.

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of it — because I posted private messages of a previously completely fine with it person and I — an ambassador deleted the thread.

With the message entailing that I’ve broken Wattpad Code, and proceeds to subtly mention being respectful?

I’ve (tried) to speak to the ambassador, literally a few minutes ago :joy: and I am currently waiting on her reply. But, @Ariador summed it up pretty good.

To make it clear — the shutdown and deletion of the thread was completely unwarranted. The ambassador could’ve easily deleted the images and moved on — but decided to delete the whole thread under assumptions that everyone was throwing insults around.

So, yeah, I’m trying to get it back and thanks @Ariador for helping! I will proceed to be annoying and tag the relevant people from the thread off of the top of my head (sorry if I forget you):

@absentminded_artist @FeatheredSerpent @ChloroplasticCadence @light-in-darkness @PiotrRad @littlesilverwren @troubleinspace @AngelsLips @Roxy_Twin @HEEdwards

If there are people you want me to tag I will :herb:

Just wanted to get this out there — I would’ve been totally lost if I hadn’t seen @Ariador ‘s complaint.

SCIENCE THE 3RD (And the Saga Continues...?)
Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

Hurray! I’m relevant!

But yeah, I read the comment there and thought the closing of the topic had more to do with the pictures than the content of the conversations.


If it were just the pictures, it still didn’t give the ambassador reason to completely delete the whole thread. They should’ve just deleted the pictures, sent a warning and left. That alone didn’t actually warrant deleting the thread.

And to also add on that we were insulting people was completely false — and that was the underlying reason why it got deleted as BS as it was.

@Ariador private messaged the ambassador, and they gave more reasons as to why closing it. The insulting people part was one of them.

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.
Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

Oh, I thought wrong then. No expert in these topics yet. I only got one topic I created deleted due lack of activity (which also was the only one I created so far).

Well, I’m pretty sure some people were angered and we had some headed debates. The ambassadors were called more than once. I dunno if they have a flagged list with all the times this happened in the Evolution Debate, probably yes. And maybe something like “when this topic reaches X amount of complains, it is deleted.” And it just happened today :confused:

Like, even I probably helped with that with that one person I angered who even created a topic to complain about my reply. And I admit I made a mistake to show the topic without informing you guys to not answer it and leave it alone, I felt a little bad later.


You have nothing to feel bad about — showing that thread wasn’t at all a violation or anything. If anything, the person who made that thread to avoid confronting you was more in the wrong than you.

And I don’t think that’s how it works with the flagging system. If so, than a bunch of people could just do a mass takedown of any thread they wanted because they disagreed.


Yeah, true. We have to wait for Ariador with the explanation to what happened.

Is it okay if I call HEEdwards? I noticed he isn’t on the list


Yes! UGHH!!! I can’t believe I forgot him!!! :sob: I’m so sorry…


@HEEdwards We remember you too!


Yah! @HEEdwards I’m sorry I forgot you :sob:


No worries! It’s a shame it got closed down. I enjoyed that thread


I am trying to resuscitate it :sweat_smile:


I hope it works!


She is on the Ambassador thread making her case :smiley:


Rip, I hope it works. What do you think?? Have I been articulate enough :joy:


I shall go observe


Yeah. Observe and add a couple of cents if you will, lol :joy:


LOL. You made a compelling case. :sweat_smile:


Hahah, thanks :sweat_smile: I just hope it works.


I will wait and see with you :joy:


I wonder where the others are at :joy: Rip