So, umm, the end is approaching.


I am nearing the completion of a book I’ve wanted to write for years that I only started a few months ago. Im not sure if it’s any good, but, I’ve done it! I’m about to start writing the final climactic scene. Here’s the problem: I don’t want to. I know exactly what will happen, how it’s all going to play out, right down to the last sentence. I just-I’m not ready for it to end. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve grown attached to my fictional family, and I’m not ready to close the book on them yet; the end is bittersweet. Oh sure, I have sequels planned, but this is a big moment for me-first book project I’m ever set to finish. I’ve started many “novels,” but only ever finished short stories. It was so bad at one point that I considered doing an Asimov style anthology of short stories in the same world ala I, Robot. But, here I am, at the end of the road, I just can’t bring myself to hit the brakes. It’s akin to knowing you’re watching the series finale of your favorite show and not being ready for it to end.
Does this happen to anybody else? Does it just come easy for most of you to say, “Yup-ready to be done.” Or does anyone else struggle? If you do, how do you motivate yourself to finish? I honestly don’t know why it’s so hard, and I guess it’s kind of stupid, but, regardless, it’s how my brain is working. I appreciate in advance any advice offered and I’d also like to thank everyone on Wattpad that has helped me along thus far. You all are great and it feels so amazing to know that I have an entire global community of folks to turn to that may have encountered similar struggles. Your help and advice has been valuable to me beyond measure, and I appreciate every word of it from the bottom of my heart!


This is not stupid in any way. I totally understand the feeling. I wrote a story for 2.5 years and then ending was very hard. At the same time, I was ready to be done. But as an emotional baby, writing my endings can make me sad because the journey ends. It is tough.

I actually just finished a story today, my eighth book. I never finished stories before wattpad. I had a hard time with it. I guess what gets me to finish a book, is my desperate need to complete my projects. I cannot leave things unfinished. My brain refuses that. It can be hard but think of how beautiful that ending will be and how accomplished you will feel for finishing it. And then you get to have readers voice their feelings about the book and it’s ending. It is truly amazing. You can do it. Just work for it. You’ve made it this far.


It is completely natural to feel that way. Our stories are our children, through and through; we nurture them, agonise with them, grow with them. Letting go of a project we’ve been working on for so long is definitely hard, but moving on to a fresh new start has its own perks. I’ve finished over ten Wattpad novels, I think (four this year) and whenever I’ve completed one project, I take my time to revitalise myself for the next one. It’s not ‘mourning,’ so to speak - more like I’m reflecting on what’s happened so far, taking the good parts and improving the not-really-good ones.

It just takes time, and practice. Congratulations, too! Completing a book isn’t an easy feat, and making it this far is an achievement in itself. :blush:


Me: reads title of thread
Me: Yeah, I know. Global warming… pollution… we’re all going to die, and so is the world, and my guess is that it’ll happen sooner than everyone thinks.
Me: reads post
Me: Oh, okay.

On a more serious note, congratulations on the almost-completion of your book! I know it’s hard to finish writing a book. It’s just like finishing reading one. You know the ending will be great, but sometimes you just don’t want to let go of the happiness you have in the middle. It’s always bittersweet to finally finish something, to say - yep, it’s done. It doesn’t happen to me in extreme cases, but I always feel at least a tinge of sadness to finish writing something, especially something with no sequels. It’s hard to let go.

The thing is - well, it’s kind of hard to explain. Have you ever heard the saying ‘All good things must come to an end’? You’ll have to let go someday. It’s going to be hard, but the story’s not gone completely. Take your time. Ready yourself. Remind yourself that they aren’t gone completely. Sometimes it’s good to start over, while still remembering what you’ve done.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.


“There is nothing to writing-all you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” Ernest Hemingway, I think.

I have three of my friends reading it now as I write it, anxious for the ending (probably so it can be over lol), and I sort of am too. I know it will be worth it, I know I’ll feel accomplished-I mean, I already do, really. I’m just slowly making my way up that last hill!


Yeah, I though as I wrote the title that it may be a bit too Doom and gloom lol! The world seems scary a lot of the time, and life can be hard and cruel-but it goes the other way, too, and there is a lot of beauty in that.


You’ve gotten this far, so don’t give up now. Seriously. Don’t.

Also yeh the world’s scary years from now I’ll be saying goodbye and dying from all the horrible smoke I’m inhaling okay bye


I don’t plan to, I’m just waging an internal battle with my latent procrastination!

Also, everything will kill you anyway-enjoy it while it lasts lol


I’m coming up on the end of my story too. I know how you feel! I actually went ahead and wrote the ending before finishing the middle so I know exactly where I need to go but I don’t really want to go there, this project has been a lot of fun and I do want to end it (because I like the ending I have in mind) but I also don’t because it’s so fun to write. Maybe once it’s done I’ll start planning a sequel.


The End are my absolute favorite words to write! I usually write ending sequence way, way in advance, so it is a catharsis to get to it finally!

I always have a cool down period though while the book still lives with me & I care. Then… I am into something new.


It’s an incredibly sad moment when the time of writing a book you love comes to an end.

But… it isn’t really the end. Think of editing and rewrites as the opportunity to turn your book into the story that was in your head, into what your character’s and readers deserve. I love rewriting scenes because it allows me to revisit the character’s I missed and to improve the story I love so much.


I hope I get to experience this sadness someday. Right now I just get sad about never finishing jack-diddly-squat.


Damn, man, I’m not even halfway through my book and I already have this feeling. You are not alone.

I’ve found two ways to deal with it. One is to remind myself that I will still get to edit the whole thing when I’m done with it: to polish its little face up for the world so other people can love it as much as I do. I love editing, though, and I know not everyone does.

The other was to determine exactly what I was going to write after I was done editing. That way I could start getting attached to a new set of characters before having to leave the old one. Makes the transition a little easier : P

Good luck!


I knew that feeling for far too long. I always quit a quarter of the way through, no time, writer’s block, wondering if it’s good or not. I just finally decided I didn’t care, I was going to finish it lol. You’ll get there!


I’ve never edited a book, so I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it, but it has to be done and I have a few rewrites to do! Here’s hoping i enjoy it lol


Haha, I find it addictive :smiley:
I’m on draft #5 for at least the first ten chapters, and I don’t imagine I’m done yet. I have to force myself to just write sometimes, so I don’t get mired in endless spirals of editing earlier chapters. There is something very rewarding about watching your book improve every time you go through it with a red pen.

I’ve found it very worthwhile to look up a few books (Wattpad has several) on how to edit like a professional editor would, so I know what to look for in my own writing. Makes me a better writer too!