So what are the werewolf cliche's in books that you're all tired of?

A main thing which I’m absolutely fed up with in werewolf books is that the female is (in most of the cases) a weakling who does not dare to lift a finger against her oh-so dark, brooding, possessive and mysterious (mostly Alpha) mate. Why the heck is that? Why does the main female character never possess girl power? I know we all love cliches, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy a break from them too.


couldn’t agree more


Do you have a few hours? Because honestly I have a lot of trouble with finding good werewolf books, I’m not enjoying all these cliché’s AT ALL and I am trying desperately to stay away from it in my own work for that reason.

I’m a sucker for a slow burn, strong character development and a well-developed story and there are so many books on here where they meet in chapter one and fall in love in chapter 6 and I try to skip things like this right away. But the thing that bugs me the most is all of these extremely problematic relationships, the ones where a plain and shy girl is the mate of an extremely toxic and dominating Alpha who rejects her and treats her horribly, but eventually they fall in love. But it doesn’t matter, it’s all fine as long as he’s hot… Ugh.


XD I feel like I need a copy and paste response for this question


The concept of mates in general, where there’s one, and only one, person, you’re destined to be with, no matter your personalities or if you even like each other. Which seems to always go two possible routes:
Either you hate each other, one basically bullies the other one but in the end they realise they’re in love because mates and have a happily ever after.
Or they fall in love at first sight and it’s simply declared they have these super deep feeling a for each other despite not knowing each other because again, mates, and they end up making a million little cubs and live a happily ever after.

Yeah, Im not the biggest fan of werewolf stories :joy:


One of the biggest reasons I almost never read a WP werewolf book is because of the whole ‘my wolf is separate from me’ trop. I loath it, hate it, and want it to DIE so badly.

For example: I was walking through the park when I saw Beatrice with Xavier, my wolf growled in the back of my mind.

Like, what? Aren’t you werewolf? Why does it have to be separate?


I don’t like it either, but it would be very interesting to see you ‘mated’ with, like, a friend or someone. Like, why does the mating system always have to be romantic? I think people could really change it into like ‘you’re mated with someone you’re equally powerful with, creating the ultimate power duo’ that would be super interesting.

Like, a mate (in this theory) isn’t someone who is supposed to be your love interest, but is supposed to be someone who will ALWAYS back you up, no matter what. That would be super cool.

You’d probably have to change the name though.


Esp bc werewolves have so many options with senses to just pull you into another world. Slow burn allows the space and time to let that world become one of those narrative safe havens, you know?

I also think slow burn just sets up a more realistic view of relationships.
That would be my biggest critique of my own werewolf story: slow it down, folks. Love doesn’t just roll out of your bed and leave one morning, it is a slow-burn sort of dedication that our culture needs to relearn.

@ellioc I feel like I am trailing after you on every thread, repeating myself.
But–write this! That would be such a cool take on the trope!


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What cliches am I sick of? Abusive relationships and the romanticized mental and emotional abuse of mates.


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I do have mates, but it’s pointless if they’re not compatible. None of the characters are focused on finding a mate even after they meet each other. With so much going on, such as actual plot events, it’s not really a priority. They learn to grow on one another over time and don’t even get together until the second book.
For me, the whole point of mates, in werewolf genre or any other soulmate au, is the compatibility. You need to work well together, otherwise what’s the point?


I’m writing a werewolf book called Our Game Of Chase. In my book, I’ve made the main female character strong, and I’m on the 36th chapter of my book now, and the two main characters haven’t yet fallen for each other. I’m trying to make my story as non-cliche as possible, and I hope you could check it out and get back to me to tell me what you think of it



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I personally love books in which the female mc is strong enough to beat the male mc’s arse.
Guess I’m gonna write that next :thinking:


Uh… Alot?
I don’t mind the whole “mates” thing. It can be romantic and it’s similar, if not exactly, like the concept of soul mates. Which is cute.
I just don’t like how it usually revolves around “Me Alpha, me super hot and strong but ermagherd I’m magnetically pulled to the omega of the pack, what a scandal!”
or anything of the sort.

I’m also super tired of the target of the Alpha’s affections, is usually weak and feeble in comparison, but they try to offset that by giving her the occasional outburst of fighting back or something, and then the Alpha is all “Clearly you are strong and my perfect mate because you told me to fuck off when I was being a douche canoe and nobody does that”.

Gimme blood, gimme gore, gimme horror, drama, sex. All of it that werewolves entail, just stop with the bullshit relationship mechanics that are borderline rapey with a huge dash of stockholme syndrome and telling me its okay, ya know?

Did i go off a little too much?


How about we make a werewolf who grew up among humans and acts more like a dog than a wolf? That sounds more plausible than the monster who can’t control his thirst for hunting, despite having spent his entire life among civilized humans. Because I’m pretty sure he’d be more likely to go running after squirrels in the park than to randomly kill stuff in the forest.


I agree with the “defenseless female” being a horrible cliche as well as all and any omegas being lowly/oppressed/slaves/weak/uneducated etc.

On a whole most books regarding werewolves ignore education as a whole or self advancement by painting the species as just having the pack to fall back on, personally I’d like to see more depth into the characters than just muscles/procreation being their fuel for life


I love me a good werewolf book LOVVVEit trust me but

it only takes the first couple of pages for me to decide if its a hit or miss for me.
1.i strongly dislike the helpless girl she doesn’t defend herself , she stutters , she has no backbone at all.
2. that they all seem to be from royal blood. they have these huge mansions …. because the rule wolves?
3. that its instant romance , no getting to know each other just " omg your my mate I love you"
4: MIND READING this one burns me to the core. you guys can hear each other thoughts and respond threw a mind link…

I can go on.

these just are some things I just don’t want to see anymore maybe its no cliché but its… something