social media presence as an author


Well, first of all being “online” 20 years ago is much different than today. Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads didn’t even exist back then.

Blogs and authors websites are essential for any author - that is where you interact with your main fanbase. - and yeah, I’m saying different - My book sales bought directly from the store on my my website alone is enough to pay my yearly bills.

As for making friends with authors online - 100% wrong - I’ve learned so much from meeting fellow authors. Especially those in the indie community that are generous with sharing what works, what doesn’t and so forth. And there area a TON of writer groups of Facebooks.

But the thing you didn’t mention - which is the MOST important is Goodreads.




The problem isn’t “writers groups” but I suspect (based on your interactions here) it’s how you act when in them. Writer’s group work best when you (a) give advice that has proven results (b) discuss matters you have vast experience with © listen to others and congratulate their success and give condolences when something doesn’t work out. But most importantly when you don’t make it all about YOU and YOUR books. This is the one problem that I see the most about how you interact online.


I wish I could have more of a social media presence besides Wattpad. :confused: But I am just too embarrassed? Of what my friends and family would think. And sharing my writing with others is something I only do for people I trust.


I have an anonymous twitter for my writing - so you could always do that?


my twitter is under the same handle as my wattpad & separate from my personal ones! it can totally work :blush:

& you don’t necessarily have to share work either; you could just support other creators and get to know them and what they do, and maybe if you make enough connections you trust, share it then!


I. Do. Not. Understand. Twitter. At. All.

Can somebody give me some kind of Twitter tutorial???




took me a while to get it!

mostly i just searched #writingcommunity & #writerscommunity and followed a few interesting people, wrote my own bio and tagged it the same so that other people could find me, and then it went from there. :blush:


Cool. I have this friend who talks about having all these interesting conversations on Twitter all the time. And I’m like, How, it only lets you post one sentence…


tbh i think of it as an exercise in helping me write concisely and cut down all the waffle haha! you can just post multiple tweets though if you have more to say