Social Scenarios

Scenario: You have a roommate of whatever sex/gender/orientation you each might potentially or plausibly be attracted to each other, but until this scenario moment you have not been aware that is the case. Then the roommate offers to do something that would likely be taken as romantic or intimate. It may be casual, they are probably saying it’s “no pressure”, but you in this scenario all of a sudden realize their interest. And you of this scenario are curious or intrigued, but you know you have some understanding with another person beyond the household, though it’s not any formal relationship. If you do agree to be with the roommate, it would make something you said to that other person a lie or at least not the whole truth. If you decline the offer, you maybe have more integrity but are possibly lacking friendly contact you previously had.

What do?

How awkward is this? It’s fine. It makes the household unsafe? Depends?

How dramatic or mundane a response might this get? Someone ends up in tears, or everyone just goes on with their day?

Feel free to answer this how you think either yourself or a character might respond.

Also feel free to propose and discuss other social scenarios you may think of.



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I wouldn’t be in the situation, but not do my choice. Mom determined to keep from dating anyone. Or at least that used to be the case. She’s a lot more hands off now that I live in my own place.

Scenario: You want to see a new movie that is out. You invite your significant other to see the movie with you. This S.O. makes it clear with some disparaging remarks that they do not like that genre or type of movie. You say you’ll invite a friend instead. You contact an old friend you know to be interested in the same genre and your friend agrees to go to the movie.

When you go to the theater with your friend you find that the show is nearly sold out and shows are pack-in one after the other making the theater crowded. You get tickets and go to stand in the queue waiting to be allowed into the auditorium. Your S.O. then just shows up at the theater.

What do?

Who, if anyone, is more in the wrong here?

If you do all enter the auditorium, what happens if there are only two seats available near each other?

“You” is not necessarily the real you reading the thread. It could be a character.

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Ah that clears up a bit!

I would likely accept it, but let them lead the way. Provide gentle suggestions.

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