In just received this PM on my Wattpad account- and before you say so, I know that any offer that comes through WP that is not from Wattpad is legit or to be trusted.

This wasn’t a publishing company though and rather another Wattpad it seems. Has anyone heard of this site? Is it worth a trial?

I’ve attached a screenshot of some of the message below for review.


These people prey on Wattpad authors. Report them immediately, it is NOT okay to use another platform to promote your own offers.

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Haven’t heard of them. I’d read their T&C and contract carefully. And yes, report them. They clearly have no class if they’re poaching.

I looked them up. They have no “about” section on the site, virtually no Google hits, and say they’re an ad free site where readers can only read books by “unlocking them” by watching…ads. also their front page had different books showing the same cover image in multiple categories.

It might not be a scam but it sure doesnt look legit.

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Doesn’t look like a scam per say, but it’s a very obvious Wattpad clone. Think they are trying to diversify their roster and poach some high read writers from their competition. I’d stay away, they seem sleazy.

Thanks for the responses everyone! I looked up their site this morning and you’re all right, it looks super mediocre and basically a poor attempted clone at WP.

I’d just never heard of them before this and since it wasn’t your typical Dreame/Ficfun message, I thought it deserved a bit of questioning.

Thanks again! I will report them for poaching now :slight_smile:


They might be legit, but poaching WP writers on WP is definitely not an okay business practice. Anybody spammed by sofanovel (and there seem to be tons of people) should report the account.

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Not only is it unethical, but it’s against the Terms & Conditions. So they’re legit, but I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

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I just got a recruitment message from them and I do have to give them some credit, unlike Dreame/Ficfun/BLVNP they at least personalized this one. It wasn’t a generic “dear author” they actually used my Wattpad name and complimented me on specifics for the book they were after. That’s refreshing even if it’s still damn annoying these companies keep sending unsolicited recruitment messages. That alone will always make them scams in my book.

And yes, as soon as I get home from work and have the time to do all the screen caps and what not I’ll report it.


i get tons of messages like this and this exact one. I wouldnt waste ur time with this website. i wondering if any of you know anything about inkitt? is that one good or legit?

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