Some changes and updates happening to the site–please bear with me :)


I promise it’ll all be for the better … once I’m done. Might be some bumps.

If you want to see what’s happening cosmetically, change your theme to the “Clubs theme” in preferences. The previous theme, Clubs-like theme, has been replaced by this one which is using only Wattpad-branded colors, etc (still @Makaylasophia’s CSS! Just no longer choosing whichever color looks prettiest to me…)


whines but I liked it just the way it was xD


I promise it will get better + better


How are things going? It definitely looks very different already.


Good! Just trying to make it truly aligned w/ how Wattpad looks/feels


No more default?


Whoops, try again–it’s now called ‘light scheme’




Oh. So you’re trying to make it look like the old clubs?


I’m just trying to make it easier to navigate, mostly


everything is so orangeee

Rip the scrollbar tho



Is it bad? Should I make it smaller? I was trying to make it big enough that it was actually … useful


imo it was fine how it was before, but its odd that the thumb isnt on the trackbar even when its rounded like that


Ugh but it’s so teeeeeeeeeeeeny now!


you should be able to make it bigger… but on the trackbar… its weird that the bar is cropping it like that


Ah, just hopped on, and I’m absolutely loving some of the changes! :smiley:


ack i keep getting it close to perfect and then messing up


Practice makes perfect. I see you fixed the lines on the dark theme mobile so they dont touch the profile picks now, but the big white line around the thread # amount might be a little on the thick side.


This picture is humongous on PC :sob: @uncleL is there a way to make images upload in a default size or can that only be done by coding?


Wonder if there could be maybe a setting added that allows us to select a size like small, medium, large, original. That way people who DON’T care about image size, can have it display smaller until people click on it to get full size, but people on the MDC who might care about the size of their displays can have bigger. 'cause I agree, it looks huge on the computer! Just got home and can see it.

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