someone help me with ideas to prove my summary

Hey, guys, I want your thoughts and is there any other ideas to make a summary of my new story an eye-catching one

Make it original as possible without over-explaining and adding too much detail. A lot of stories have super similar plot lines and summaries that at some point people honestly dislike them because of their overuse of topics.

Maybe give a subtle opener that explains the main issue of the plot, but don’t over-explain and give away the entire thing. It’s meant to make people say “What? What’s that? What’s going on?” And they’ll read more to figure it out. It’s meant to give them just enough information that they want to figure out what happens next.

Depending on the genre of your story, you might want to explain the main characters problem that they run into.

In a romance story, you would explain the partner and how they’re different/similar to the main character and then slip into more of the issue without, yet again, giving it away.

In an action/adventure or paranormal/fantasy story, if romance isn’t the main genre, you would explain the issue and express if whether or not your character could defeat it, but you wouldn’t answer the question, you would leave it unanswered so the readers would wonder what happens.

I hope this helps at least a bit!


I see and can you do a favour and review mine? (I had one story) just the summary review if you want and tell me what I shall add or removed from it?

Of course! I can do that

So ?? what do you think?

Be specific - a lot of people avoid mentioning any real detail in their blurbs, but don’t because they’re afraid of spoiling the plot. But if you don’t spoil a little, no one will know what’s unique about your book and then they won’t see why they should read it.

For example, in the case of my WIP - it’s far less compelling to see ‘X has superpowers’ than ‘X can’t be hurt anymore’. Both inform you more or less what tracks my story goes along, but the latter makes it feel more unique to the reader, and therefore would intrigue them more.

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Your thought is fantastic!! I mean this is like the next big hunger games type theme. Plus you actually put so much thought into it, the lines send chills. Some of the lines are so well written you can really feel what was happening.
But you left a little too much hanging in the first chapter. I mean, we don’t know who said the first dialogue that starts the chapter. And then a prince was introduced but we have no idea which kingdom we are in.
But then again you showed so much affection from a little child after such a thrilling and deadly explanation, it reduced the intensity and provided the aww-factor! You’re doing great, please dont stop writing. But I recommend that you go back and give us a little into about the person who said the first dialogue.

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I think you definitely have a solid plot going, the only thing I suggest for your summary is a little more explanation, maybe a brief introduction of the main character(s) and fixing up the sentence a little bit so it’s a little more clear what’s going on.

Hi! I’m just a little curious. Is there any specific reason links aren’t allowed outside the SYS or story request threads? I’m just wondering because they were only asking for me to read it so they could improve their writing.

Thank you so much for this support it make me feel better I really want to make it success in hard place with few people here like historical stories as it seems and I will do my best to not disappointed you…
Well in second chapter you will get to meet the kingdom, the little prince lives in it. At first I was going to add it there but second chapter is already long one so I was worried to be to much to read for one chapter and that guy who was in first part he was normal guy living his last days in Black Death…(Here is spoil haha) there is real hero in my story I wanna make it more realistic…

Ahh I see ok and really thank you very much too so I will do few changes and want to make the reader wonder “what is this all about?” also I have plan to make many main characters and there is no real “main hero” it just kings,princes,evil/good ones it just like real history thing…

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I wish you the best luck. If you need any help, just send me a message on Wattpad and I’ll help you out.

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Ok no problem I though I gave him link directly was easier to him to go and check the summary as it quickly way

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So, unfortunately, we have to apply the rule in all cases, even if people have a genuine reason. You can always share links per PM.
So, saying I’ll send you the link by PM is perfectly fine.
Hope that helps!

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Take the best aspects of your book, it could be the conflict between your characters or the main theme of your book and note that down.

I always find ones that end with a question pique my interest because my curious nature, so you could phrase your conflict then ask a question. But sty away from the ‘will they survive?’ cause this is a little cliche and a whole lot of authors, myself included, use this.

well no problem at I understand this and never do same mistake again :wink:

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can you do a look and tell me how it is? is it bad? is it good? what i need to remove or add?

Your book sounds really interesting. I’ll PM you what I think the summary should be.

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One thing you need to look out for is run on sentences in summaries, personally those turn me off books real quick.

The summary should not sound like a sentence in the book, its supposed to be captivating, revealing your plot but at the same time not being a spoiler.

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